Metal Roofing and Siding Material Selection Overview

There are several important factors you need to consider when opting for metal roofing or siding for your home’s surface. Paint systems, guaranties, hand; these are just many of the choices you’ll need to make to ensure you elect the stylish material for your design. In this blog, we will look at an overview of these important considerations and guide you on your way to your dream home!

There’s More To Metal Than Meets The Eye! Take a look at these 6 important considerations to determine what’s stylish for you. However, please reach out to Ask Steelscape for help or explanation, If you have any questions.


The most common material for metal roofing is a sword, due to its blend of performance, life, and price. Aluminum is a popular volition and is frequently used in operations taking heightened. Erosion resistance. See the coming section for further detail on erosion resistance. Aluminum is a softer material compared to a sword. As it’s softer, a thicker aluminum may be needed to give the demanded performance and this can drive up product price.

This added subcaste underpins why sword can last so long formerly duly installed. In utmost surroundings, aluminum-zinc coating provides longer protection than galvanized and carries the benefit of a bond. This bond guarantees the metal won’t rupture or fail structurally. For locales with extreme erosion resistance needs, similar to those veritably close to saltwater, it’s frequently recommended to use a thicker makeup or aluminum as the base essence. For these operations, we recommend consulting Steelscape or a product liar previous to opting for your material.

Essence consistency influences product performance by making the essence more resistant to bending and flexing. Roofs in high wind or snow surroundings may bear a thicker material to achieve structure law conditions. Sword and aluminum are available in a variety of densities called‘ hand’.

Common Needles( ga) for domestic installations are 26ga and 24ga for their favorite combination of performance and price. For some value-conscious operations, similar as shanties, which trade-off performance for price, thinner 29ga material is used. Aluminum consistency is represented in elevation and common density is are 0.032 ″ and0.040 ″. Your roofing contractor should know the requirements of your position or original structure canons and which material consistency is suitable. Homeowners should note, the essence consistency can be a motorist of product price – the thicker the essence, the more precious the result

Maquillages give visual appeal and resistance from damage, similar to UV light and erosion. There are three makeup families for metal roof and wall products ranging from good to stylish. Each system varies by performance, cost, life, and bond content.

The most common for domestic operations is the middle ground product called SMP. Utmost maquillages used on essence come standard with‘ cool technology which offers bettered sun reflectance, reducing the figure up of heat within homes. When opting for color, note there’s no assiduity standard for color names. Always compare physical samples to make sure you’re opting for the right color for your design.
Ultramodern makeup technology has evolved significantly to give homeowners lesser color and finish choices to help fulfill their fancies.

  • Metallic Paint – When illuminated by sun, these have a conspicuous sparkle due to mica colors. Common colors are gray, bobby and champagne.
  • Textured Paint – Some maquillages have a textured finish to give a distinct look and to help reduce the light from the sun.
  • Publish Designs – Published designs can be applied to essence to produce distinctive homestretches or to produce homestretches that recreate other natural goods, similar as rust, without the performance downsides.
  • Specialty Clears – Translucent multicolored resins give visual depth and a unique finish that interact stoutly with natural light.

Matte Homestretches ( launching soon!) – Dull homestretches point to bitsy texture to significantly reduce buff and luster.
Specifiers should always ensure they understand the length of the bond being offered and what it covers. Material grounded guarantees, similar to those offered by Steelscape, cover finish performance or erosion resistance only.

Bond length and the content will vary grounded on the makeup system used. Finish bond content may include film integrity ( painted finish is harmonious and is free from blistering or cracking), and resistance to color fade or chalking (the loss of colors in the color). Guaranties for panel performance, panel quality, or roof weather tightness, are the responsibility of the panel liar and roofing contractor. To avoid confusion, request a summary of the end- stoner guarantees being offered by the contractor as part of the shot process.

Always ensure you understand the terrain of the installation. Utmost essence is exchangeable between roofs and walls, still specific environmental conditions or structural performance requirements may directly affect material selection. For illustration, propinquity to swab water may impact the makeup system named. Alternately, a thicker base essence may be demanded to achieve minimal snow or wind cargo structure law conditions. Always bandy these considerations when opting for a favored material.

While opting for metal roofing and siding for your home may feel like a daunting task at first, using this list to break down your options and prioritize can help simplify the task. In the end, opting for Genuine Steelscape Steel for your home will give you the continuity and protection you need while delivering the look you want.

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