The best roofing material for houses

Buying your dream house in the real estate market can be an exhausting way. It is difficult to find a house that meets all your wishes at the expected price, and you have to give up some requirements to move into a new house as soon as possible.

This is why some homeowners now like to do it themselves because they like to take things into their own hands to fully control the quality of the entire project. When you build a custom house, you have more control over the housing situation. This can ensure that the final effect is what you want.

JINHU metal roof
JINHU metal roof

JINHU is looking for contractors from all over the world to provide homeowners with the roof they need. Although the roof is only a small part of the house, it is very important. It is the first line of defense against external dangers and the first part that others have observed. Therefore, you need to choose a roof that can stand the test without sacrificing style.

Once, asphalt was the most popular roofing material, but the emergence of modern metal roofing has changed this situation. Today, metal has become the most popular material. The service life of metal roofs is two to three times that of traditional roofing materials such as asphalt.

In California and Florida, the traditional clay tile roof is a symbol of the Mediterranean style. Milano stone coated metal roof tile is very popular there.

The bad thing is that clay tiles are easy to break and are threatened by hail and hurricanes. They cannot guarantee the safety of the roof at all. Clay playing will also absorb 15% of its own weight of water, which is a huge challenge to the house structure.

The shingles provide a unique aesthetic, but within a few months, they will turn gray, and cracks and looseness will occur around the fasteners. Even the top shingles are susceptible to fungus and bacteria, making it the most expensive roofing material to maintain.

JINHU metal roof tiles can replicate the appearance of any traditional roofing material without their shortcomings. The strength of multi-layer steel is combined with colored stone particles to ensure durability while retaining the beauty of the building

Compressive strength of JINHU metal roof

Metal roofing is one of the most impact-resistant options. In addition to longevity, durability is an important factor in building a house to ensure resistance to natural disasters.

The JINHU metal roof adopts a unique interlocking structure to ensure that it can withstand hail and hurricane damage. JINHU roof panels products have a fireproof function. It can also resist the cold.

Long-term benefits of JINHU roof tiles

The long-term benefits of JINHU metal roofs are accompanied by direct benefits such as insurance discounts and recyclability. Long-term energy saving is also not to be ignored. Unlike the asphalt shingles that absorb heat and transfer it to the room, the JINHU metal roof reduces the energy saving cost to 25%.

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