The roof in winter

JINHU stone-coated steel roof tiles are never afraid of the cold. The cold of winter is preventing you from doing any unnecessary activities. If your roof is showing signs of aging during the winter, don’t try to redecorate your roof.

Rain and snow are very hostile to installing roof tiles and can be life-threatening. Asphalt shingles become brittle at temperatures below 10℃. Any movement on the roof is dangerous. Similarly, asphalt shingles can be damaged during movement and installation.

The installation of metal tiles in winter will affect the tightness. Experienced homeowners pay close attention to temperature and humidity when reroofing.

Why Jinhu Stone Coated Metal Roof Tiles?

If you need to install roof tiles in winter, JINH stone-coated steel roof tiles will be your best choice. The metal material means there is no excess wear and tear in cold weather. Lightweight yet sturdy features allow for the fastest installation with sufficient care. But we think the roof should be installed without any safety concerns.

Also, if you plan to wait until spring to decorate your roof. Why not book your favorite roof tile for the winter? Asphalt shingles need to be kept in storage to prevent further wear and tear. But the storage of metal shingles only needs to be careful not to be stolen, because it is metal and can be recycled.

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The roof in winter

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