Types of Stone Coated Steel Roofing

JINHU stone coated steel roof tile type

The three most popular metal roofing types on the market.

Common metal roof has the following kinds: aluminum roof, aluminum zinc roof, galvanized steel roof. Here are some of the pros and cons of these roofs.

metal roof tile details

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Aluminum roof

Aluminum is the most commonly used metal for residential roofing.


  • Environmental protection and energy saving
  • No rust


  • the price is more expensive
  • the texture is softer than steel

Aluminum plated zinc steel roof

A coating of zinc, aluminum, and silicon are used to protect the inner metal from oxidation.


  • easy to bend and dye


  • corrosion resistance
  • Very strong
  • It’s cheaper

Galvanized steel roof

Galvanized metal roofs are made of steel or iron and are coated with zinc. The function of zinc coating is to protect the metal from corrosion.


  • Cheap


  • Not durable
  • Easy to rust

JINHU stone coated steel roof tile

Jinhu stone coated steel roof tile used in the metal plate is aluminum plated zinc steel, in the original basis to make improvement and innovation. The surface adds stone coating, cutting color is changeable. It combines the advantages of aluminum and zinc for a significantly longer service life.

A variety of colors, can match each other.

JHL uses burnt-colored sand. After high-temperature sintering manufacturing, sintering color sand is a kind of mineral particle as raw materials, adding inorganic pigment and special coating. The color sand we use now has been strictly tested:

A riot of colour

Sixteen colors of colored sand combined with a variety of shapes can mimic anything you want. Imitate Wood Shake Roof Tiles, Milano Roof Tiles.

1, All particle sizes are uniform, uniform color, exposure does not fade. Effective noise reduction.

2, The color is rich and colorful, lasting beautiful, environmental protection, do not fade.

3. Good compatibility with various resins.

4, Acid resistance 3% hydrochloric acid solution soaked for 48 hours without discoloration

5. Alkaline resistance 5% sodium hydroxide solution does not change color for 48 hours

6, Frost resistance: standing at -20℃ for 1 hour and then putting it at room temperature for 20 times, color and color does not change

7, Water resistance: boil in boiling water for 8 hours and then dry, color and color does not change

A variety of shapes

At present, our company has 5 hydraulic presses of 200-300 tons, among which 3 sets are automatic stamping production lines. 20 sets of conventional molds, a number of accessories molds. Can produce 11 kinds of tile and more than 10 kinds of accessories, can be customized according to customer requirements of special specifications accessories.

JHL stone coated steel roof tile

The durability of JHL stone coated steel roofing, as well as their unique shape and color, make them the best choice when installing roofs.

JHL color stone tile is made of aluminized zinc steel plate as the substrate, it combines the corrosion protection of aluminum and zinc sacrifice protection. So the service life of JINHU color stone tile is significantly longer.

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