Modular Home Roofing Specifiers: Choose JH Roofing

stone coated roof tile

Modular home builders, specifiers and architects – here are just a few of your reasons to choose JH Roofing Lightweight Roofing for your roofing requirements


The ideal roofing component of a modular home is low weight, enabling easy transportation to site and reduced pressure on the supporting structure post-installation. This is JH Roofing Lightweight Roofing’s primary – offering incredible benefits in a package that weighs just one seventh of comparable ‘traditional’ products such as slate or clay.

Unsurpassed security

Surely a material that’s under half a millimetre thick can’t match the security of a traditional tile? Wrong! Each JH is pressed from the highest quality drawing grade three steel – the highest quality available to our industry. The steel is galvanised with a zinc/aluminium compound and the weather side is coated with an acrylic glaze and stone mixture, that protects against the most extreme weather conditions (and is tested against them worldwide to prove it).

As a JH roof is fixed into place, it becomes practically impossible for a vandal to remove it.

Stunning looks

JH roofing looks fantastic once installed, as seen in the accompanying image. We offer the widest range of tiles in the industry, and are even able to supply roofing systems by Decra and Gerard, to name but two other renowned lightweight roofing manufacturers.


Clay tiles are very fragile, and even normal roof maintenance will cause the tiles to be crushed. This means that when the hail comes, it will cease to exist. Although shingles will be better, aging wood will be easily torn apart by hail. Asphalt shingles can resist hail very well at first, but it is soft and cannot offset the impact of hail, which is very destructive to the cushion.

The JH roof system uses aluminized zinc steel as the base material, which can perfectly resist the impact of hail.

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