What does replacing the roof mean to the market value of your home?

Stone-coated metal roofs have received good reviews from environmentalists. More and more people are becoming environmentally conscious, and metal tiles fit into this. The coated metal tile is made of ecologically friendly aluminized zinc steel and natural stone. Metal can be recycled, stone does not have any pollution to the environment. It can be seen that metal tile is currently more in line with the requirements of roofing materials, it is these advantages to improve the value of the metal tile.

When you look at your own roof, it doesn’t look like there’s any problem. You don’t easily think about replacing roof tiles, at least not until they get old. However, a new roof can improve the appearance of the house and contribute greatly to the value of the property

For the house decoration, the replacement of the roof is a major project, but also essential. Because new roofs play a vital role in increasing market value, JINHU stone-coated metal roof tiles have done a good job. It helps reduce the cost of cooling your home and improve your home’s attractiveness and market value. Replacing a metal roof isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when most people are looking for ways to increase the value of their home.

Why do metal roofs increase home values?

Stone Coated Metal Roof Tiles

Excellent appearance

When potential buyers or friends visit your home, the roof is the first thing they will see. Therefore, the appearance of your roof will leave the first impression. Most buyers don’t care about the condition of the lawn or garden, but the condition of the roof can often make or break a deal.

Stone Coated Metal Roof Tiles

Longer warranties

JINHU stone-coated metal shingles have a service life of more than 50 years, and we provide a warranty period of up to 50 years. So, as new metal shingles are added to your roof, the value of the home will increase because the buyer will enjoy a warranty for the next 50 years.

Stone Coated Metal Roof Tiles

Increase the closing price

When you’re ready to sell your home, buyers, inspectors, and insurance companies will focus on checking the roof. The housetop with good quality can raise clinch a deal price certainly, avoid unnecessary loss.

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