Choosing the Right Metal Roof Tile for Cold Climates

Perhaps no season is harder on your roof than winter, especially in a climate like Colorado where frigid temperatures, snow, ice, and high winds could all place considerable stress on it. It should come as no surprise then that after a while your metal roof tiles will need to be replaced, and that will give you the opportunity to select a new material that not only looks great but will provide you with extra protection during these particularly harsh months.

Let’s face it, certain materials are better at handling the constant pummeling from water-based precipitation that our winter months provide, and you’re much better off investing in one of these materials when the time comes to replace your roof.

What’s the Best Roof for Snow

The best roof for snow is a metal roof. They are lightweight, durable, and snow tends to slide right off. They can also be installed with snow shields that prevent large chunks of snow and ice from falling off all at once. Others can include roof heaters, which melt snow and ice that lands on the roof quickly.

Below we dig deeper into metal roofs and other options you should consider when choosing a new roof:

  • Metal Roofs

When it comes to durability, metal roof tiles is perhaps the best and most logical option out there. Not only is metal fairly lightweight, but it’s also extremely strong and can withstand hurricane-force winds and thousands of pounds of extra weight that snow can pile on. It’s fairly easy to install, lasts for decades with little to no maintenance requirements, and can be made to match nearly any color or style you’re looking for, so odds are you can find a metal option that matches exactly what you’ve envisioned.

Metal is rapidly becoming one of the most popular roofing material choices in snow-heavy areas because of the number of benefits it can have during the winter season. For starters, snow and ice have a pretty tough time sticking to metal roofs and usually slide right off before it can become dangerous to those down below. Worried about heat retention in your home? Don’t be—with proper insulation, metal roofs can be just as efficient as a regular non-metal material, or perhaps even more so due to their impenetrability leading to fewer air leaks and gaps causing heat loss.

Stone coated steel roofing
Stone coated steel roofing

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