Different types of roofing materials after hail impact

Hail shocks and even the slightest damage can result in higher costs for homeowners. For homeowners living in hail-prone areas, each hailstorm means repeated insurance claims and expensive repairs.

Hail damage to the roofing material, if it is not checked first, it is likely to cause the attic to leak. Even the slightest leak can cost thousands of dollars and even cause mildew on the roof deck and inside the house.

Different levels of hail damage depend on the roofing material, so it is important to know them:

What does a hail impact on an asphalt shingle roof look like?

Hammer-like dents and craters are left on asphalt shingle roofs that have been hit by hail. If an asphalt roof has warped or aged before the hail hit, even the smallest hail can cause significant damage. It is very important to inspect asphalt roofs after hail time, the impact can damage the deck and lining of the roof.

Asphalt shingles will show visible marks, including:

  • Asphalt shingles are cracked or missing
  • Asphalt shingle debris scattered around the house
  • The roof deck is exposed to the air
  • Moisture penetrates into the pad

Metal roofing that looks like asphalt shingles >>>

What does a hail impact on clay or concrete roof look like?

Clay or concrete tile roofs are one of the ultimate roofing materials on the market, but their weight is the exact opposite of strength.

Clay tiles are prone to chipping, and even just a few broken tiles are very difficult to repair. In addition to hail, fallen branches can also cause cracks, exposing decks to moisture. Just normal walking on clay tiles can also cause damage.

What does hail impact on wood shingles or wood shake roofs look like?

Wood is one of the most absorbent and expansive roofing materials still in use today. Even the best cedar shake can exhibit this phenomenon, causing loose fasteners.

Wood is susceptible to cracking and leaks from hail impact, so it is important to check for damage as soon as possible after a hail impact.

What does hail impact on standing seam metal roofs look like?

Standing seam metal roof systems will dent from hail impact, but will not leak. The paint system will peel off, and although it will prevent the metal from being exposed to the air after repair, the color difference will lead to a decrease in aesthetics.

What does hail impact on a stone-coated steel roof look like?

JINHU stone-coated steel roofing can withstand the highest level of hail impact, only the highest level of hail impact will cause the surface stone coating to peel off. In most areas of hail, homeowners cannot see the trail of hail impact.

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