Metal roof glare and rainwater harvesting

Does the metal roof have glare?

Due to the material of standing seam metal roofs, glare often occurs. Even with matte paint, there are varying degrees of reflection. This is because the surface of a standing seam metal roof is smooth, and when the sun is at right angles and in the correct observer position means you can catch some glare. You can also capture glare on other types of roofs, such as composite roofs. What they have in common is that the surface is sufficiently smooth.

Stone-coated steel roofing does not produce glare because its surface is not smooth. Stone-coated steel benefits from the stone particles on the surface, which can effectively disperse sunlight at different angles, rather than at the same angle.

Some homeowners are bothered by the glare of metal roofs, but the reflection of light is a characteristic of the paint finish on standing seam metal roofs. Metal roofs achieve “cool roofs” by reflecting sunlight away, rather than absorbing heat like asphalt roofs.

If glare affects you or your neighbors, then we recommend JINHU stone-coated steel roofing.

Can rainwater from metal roofs be collected and used?

Homeowners are concerned that some chemical reaction between rainwater and metal roofs will cause the rainwater to contain toxic substances. Actually, regarding roofs and rainwater, the answer is that it can be collected and used in gardens. Over the centuries, rainwater has been collected for use in gardens or farmland. In arid regions, rainwater from roofs is people’s drinking water. People use gutters to protect the foundation under the eaves and to collect rainwater.

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