Can you walk on a metal roof?

X-Roofing never recommends that you walk on any roof, but it sometimes happens when necessary. Falling branches and leaves, leaks from chimneys or ventilation ducts. You may be walking on the roof at some point, so there are some situations to be aware of (only if absolutely necessary).

For your safety, we stress again, that please do not walk on the roof lightly.

Never go on the roof alone

Tell your family or friends when you have the idea of ​​getting on the roof. Make sure they’re watching you after you’re on the roof. Also, it is very necessary to have an extra person to help you stabilize the tool.

Ensure the grip of the sole

The shoes you wear are critical to reducing damage to your roof and maintaining your own safety. For example, when walking on a standing seam metal roof, it is best to wear shoes with soft rubber soles, such as sneakers, which have a better grip.

You should also double-check and remove any debris or small stones that may have scratched the paint finish.

And walking on a stone-coated steel roof will be much better. Compared with the smooth standing seam metal roof, the stone coating has stronger friction and support.

Choose a cloudy day

Make sure it never rains once you’re on the roof. Metal or any other material can get slippery in the rain. On a sunny day, the metal will reflect the outside light, so walking on a metal roof will be hotter than anywhere else.

Use fall arrest equipment

Whether you’re a homeowner or professional, the use of fall arrest equipment when climbing on a roof is a must, and in some places it’s mandatory. In addition, safety ladders, seat belts, and other tools should be used in accordance with the operating instructions.

Final tip

  • In case of roof damage, please contact the roofing company first, this is the safest way.
  • Use tools with care. Any tool brought to the roof requires extra care to prevent it from slipping off and damaging the panels.

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