Wood and metal roof

In the past, the shingle has been synonymous with wooden roofs. When asphalt shingles emerged, two types of shingles were distinguished separately, such as asphalt shingles and wood shingles.

As more roofing materials appeared, such as metal shingles, and composite shingles, the same naming convention was adopted.

While some roofing materials may vary, Shingles at one time refer to roofing materials installed on pitched roofs, and shingles are placed in an overlapping fashion from bottom to top.

What is a wood shingle roof?

If you are considering a wood shingle roof, then you may be wondering about the wood shake and wood shingle.

The difference between Wood shingle and wood shake

The difference between the two is small, mostly in terms of surface and texture. The Wood shake is split with a traditional chisel and retains a more realistic look. Wood shingle is made by machine and has a smooth surface, which is conducive to the treatment of protective coating on the surface. But anyway, wood is no longer the best choice for roofing.

Disadvantages of Wood shingle

A wooden roof requires a series of ongoing maintenance, and it is not durable.

  • Sunlight and external factors will make it fade quickly.
  • Cracking or rot is the most common problem with wood roofs.
  • Cyclic dry and wet changes can easily lead to the loosening of fasteners.
  • Wood is very susceptible to fungus
  • Wood is flammable and not recommended for use in wildfire-prone areas.

Some homeowners are obsessed with the look of a wooden roof, a near-natural beauty. Fortunately, JINHU stone-coated steel can perfectly replicate the look of a wood shake, while offering the durability and industrial strength of the metal.

Shingles vs Stone Coated Steel

Stone-coated metal shingles are sought after for their longevity, durability, low maintenance, and high ROI. Some notable benefits of JINHU metal shingles:

  • . Metal roofs last two to three times longer than traditional roofing materials.
  • .Metal roofs can withstand any test of nature such as hail, fire, strong wind, and UV rays.
  • .Metal roofing is one of the most energy-efficient materials on the market. Especially after adding stone particles.

JINHU’s stone-coated metal shake exterior doors replicate traditional shingle roofs with little or no maintenance.

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