5 things to look out for when maintaining your roof

Just like a car, frequent and regular maintenance can keep it in good condition at all times. If you have no experience with roof maintenance, then you should read the article below or close the page and hire a professional.

1. Check the attic for potential problems

Make sure the attic is well ventilated and it is normal for the temperature to be slightly higher than the outside. Check the bottom of the deck for moisture or mildew. Check wooden beams and look for possible moths.

If your attic isn’t properly ventilated, it can get ridiculously hot, stagnant, and cloudy, which can cause the roof to burn out. Also, the moisture in the air won’t drain out, and your roof will gradually rot and weaken the nail’s holding power in the wood.

A hot and humid environment is what bugs like best. They can cause roof leaks and damage to electrical wiring. If you notice traces, contact an exterminator immediately to deal with the problem.

2. Keep drains open

Gutters can capture and discharge rainwater to a designated location, preventing water from hitting the lawn. But when the gutters are full of debris, the water has nowhere to go.

The debris fills the gutters so much that water overflows the sides of the gutters. Unconstrained water flow will wash away the lawn and soil around the foundation, causing the foundation to sink.

Spilled water has the potential to get into your home, especially the roof, where the wood starts to rot inside the roof while the exterior is calm.

3. Remove debris from roof valleys and other areas

The roof itself is also prone to debris accumulation. The accumulated leaves create a dam that prevents water from flowing properly. Water left on the roof for a long time will slowly penetrate into the interior, shortening the service life of the roof.

4. Check the integrity of the roof flashing and ventilation pipe joints

Roof flashing is important to ensure leak-proofing at the junction of the wall to the roof. When maintaining a roof, it is critical to check the integrity of the flashing.

You need to check for signs of rust and aging fillers in flashings or joints. If the metal rusts or the caulk ages, water can get into your home.

If you encounter these problems, contact a professional roofing contractor to resolve them. Without the proper tools, materials and just the right situation, your operation may cause more trouble.

5. Check the condition of the tiles

When maintaining a roof, it is very important to check the condition of the roof tiles. Some broken or cracked tiles need to be replaced in time.

Stone Coated Steel Roofing

Whereas traditional roofing materials require regular maintenance, stone-coated steel roofs are known as metal roofs that require little maintenance.

It combines the appearance of traditional roofing materials with the sturdiness of metal to meet the needs of different homeowners.

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