How to Clean Algae and Mold from Stone Coated Steel Roofing

Although stone-coated steel roofs do not produce algae and mold, the inevitable dust buildup will always produce algae. Other factors can also contribute to the appearance of algae, such as whether your home is near trees and whether it is getting enough sunlight. These can cause algae problems.

As one of the industry standard-setters of stone-coated steel roofs in China, JINHU learned and studied the challenges of roof cleaning for stone-metal roofs for the first time. Finally, JINHU offers homeowners the means to clean, maintain and restore the roof to its original appearance.

Take safety measures

Safety is always the number one priority in any home improvement project, so customers should take safety precautions when cleaning stone-coated steel roofs.

Fall prevention safety measures such as seat belts and fall arrest scaffolding. Most rainwater harvesting devices in arid regions should be disconnected when cleaning. After cleaning, allow the roof to receive at least three rainfalls before connecting rainwater harvesting devices.

Pay attention to water pressure

Although JINHU stone-coated steel roofing can withstand severe weather, such as hail impact, it is still necessary to avoid the use of powerful pressure washers. Do not use water pressure of 500 psi in the country of origin, as this may affect the appearance of the roof.

Use the right cleaning products

A common misconception is that copper or iron-based products can deal with roof algae and fungi. Works but we don’t recommend using it as they can damage the roof.

In fact, copper or iron-based products can accelerate the corrosion of metal roofing sheets due to different metal reactions. Iron-based products are even more hazardous than algae.

Cleaning of Metal and Asphalt Roofs

If you’re considering a new roof and trying to decide between stone-coated metal versus asphalt, consider the practical benefits of metal roofing. Metal roofs are not only easier to clean, but also simpler to maintain than asphalt or tile. Moreover, the service life of JINHU metal roofing is 2-3 times longer than that of traditional roofing materials, which is an investment that increases the value of the property.

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