Why do roof prices continue to rise in 2022?

Why do roof prices continue to rise in 2022

When you need a new roof, you may notice that the roofing contractor is charging you a lot more than before. You may not be able to accept a sudden increase and think contractors are unfairly priced. Unfortunately, after contacting multiple contracting companies, you will find that all roofing contracting companies have gone up in price. This is because prices in the roofing industry have been rising, as have the prices of raw materials for roofing.

Why do roof prices keep rising?

Roof prices continue to rise mainly because manufacturers are raising prices. Manufacturers’ prices keep rising due to the rising cost of raw materials required for roofing materials.

Affected raw materials are not limited to petroleum products. Materials such as wood and metal are also becoming more expensive.

This is not limited to one country, all countries around the world are affected. In most areas, production activities are restricted due to the new crown epidemic.

As demand increases, roofing product manufacturers and suppliers are working to accelerate the recovery of international trade. Unfortunately, roofing prices will continue to rise with no signs of slowing down.

Changes in the price of JINHU roofing

The price change of roofing products is due to the increase in the price of raw materials. The price fluctuation of JINHU roofing products is low, thanks to our own raw material factory, which forms a production line from steel to tile. Not only that, the price of Sunshine aluminum composite panels under JINHU is also very stable.

JINHU Stone Coated Steel Roofing Manufacturer provides stable price products to roofing contractors all over the world. However, due to the influence of other aspects, the overall price increase is inevitable.

What do rising roof prices mean to you?

Obviously, this means you won’t get a better product for the same budget. For example, most roofs you see are up 10% or more across the board. And it will continue to rise as the global impact of the pandemic continues.

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