Metal roof with solar energy

Solar panels on the roof
Metal roof with solar energy

Metal roofs are one of the best roofing materials honored with Solar Homes. The “energy synergy” between them results in one of the durable and energy-efficient roofing solutions.

As energy costs continue to soar, so do solar demand and usage. Roofing contractors around the world should prepare for the need for rooftop solar.

Demand for metal roofs is also growing. In most areas, homeowners’ demand for metal roofs exceeds the number of qualified roofing contractors. At this time, there is a new opportunity for roofing contractors who want to expand their services.

Additionally, most solar installers do not provide roofing services. Since solar cannot be installed on old or damaged roofs, installing solar needs to be done at the same time as installing the new roof. This is a great opportunity to inspect roof decks, solar installations, and roof re-installation.

The following are common components of solar energy systems compiled by JINHU:

  • Solar cell: This is the smallest unit that makes up a solar panel, which generates electricity through the photovoltaic effect.
  • Solar panel: composed of Solar cells, the largest unit visible to the naked eye.
  • Solar array: When multiple solar panels are combined to generate electricity together, it is called a solar array. Its size can be adjusted according to the needs of the roof and power generation.
  • Solar Mount: It fixes the solar panel to the metal roof and ensures that it remains stationary in bad weather. Typically, roofing contractors install solar mounts, and then the solar array is attached to the mounts.
  • Solar system: Batteries, panels, wires, and storage batteries form a complete solar system.

1. Are metal roofs compatible with solar systems?

Yes, metal roofs are known as the best roofing material compatible with solar energy. The hardness of the metal is considered to be the preferred material to easily support the weight of the solar panel.

Asphalt roofs can also be installed with solar energy in a similar way to metal roofs. A fatal disadvantage is that the replacement of asphalt roofs can have an impact on the solar panels.

2. Is metal roofing better than asphalt roofing?

The life of the solar TV version is about 25 years, while the asphalt roof usually needs to be replaced every 15-20 years. When the roof needs to be replaced, so does the entire solar cell system. This is time-consuming and costly for the homeowner. Because the solar panels have to be removed and then reinstalled when a new roof is installed.

While metal roofs have a lifespan of over 50 years, even the best solar panels don’t need to worry about removal.

3. How to install solar energy on a metal roof?

The solar industry has introduced a variety of solar mounts to deal with different roofing situations. Easy to install on slats or roof decks, solar mounts do not require special tools to install.

The most basic and most common installation method is to nail the brackets to the deck. JINHU metal shingles support put the bracket inside without affecting the roof.

Enter the solar and metal roofing market with JINHU

Homeowners are beginning to opt for more energy-efficient metal roofing and solar systems. Roofing contractors are also starting to expand their businesses. JINHU’s offering of solar-friendly stone-coated steel roofing is a quick way to profit.

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