Modern Wood Shake and Wood Shingle Roofing

Wood Shake and Wood Shingle are unified for wood roofs, but the reality is that “shake” is cut thicker than “shingles” and the surface texture is different.

Either way, they require a lot of maintenance, and their performance and durability will not meet the needs of homeowners. Fortunately, the emergence of JINHU Metal Shake solved this problem. For homeowners who love the look of wood, even steep slopes or complex roofs can be used.

Common Problems With Conventional Wood Shake and Shingle Roofs

  • Fading: Even the best cedar shake will fade quickly. As the protective coating wears off, they lose their original luster and texture and turn a dull gray. And the pristine sheen is a big reason why homeowners choose them.
  • Flammable: They require special fire-resistant chemical treatments to meet minimum fire-resistance standards.
  • Not windproof: The wind will sweep away a lot of shingles, especially if they age and become brittle.
  • Loose fasteners: Due to the expansion and contraction of wood in different temperature and humidity conditions. Loosening and cracking can easily occur around fasteners.
  • Wood is food for fungi: In shady or standing water, wood is highly susceptible to moss and algae growth. This requires expensive chemicals to deal with.
  • Wood shakes/shingles are bad for energy efficiency: Wood doesn’t reflect UV rays like a metal roof.
  • Wood shakes/shingles need enough clearance: leave enough room for expansion and contraction, if the clearance is not implemented precisely during installation, it will cause the roof to fail.

The Best Wooden Roof Renovation Solutions

JINHU Metal shake and all JINHU stone-coated steel roofs are superior to all wood roofing materials:

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