Coating of metal roof

For homeowners looking for low-maintenance and high-durability roofs, metal is unstoppable. High-quality metal roofing and coatings can provide significant advantages and styles. The right coating can provide the ideal appearance and extend the life of the roof.

However, the options for metal roof coatings are very complicated. Many metal roof coatings can provide various properties. Such as reflecting ultraviolet rays, reducing heat accumulation, and so on.

According to the Metal Roof Alliance, homeowners should consider the following points when choosing various metal roof coatings on the market:

Metal roof paint

Modern high-quality metal roof coatings can not only extend the service life but also significantly improve energy efficiency. And the coatings on the market provide a variety of appearances and colors to meet the needs of homeowners. When the high-quality metal roof leaves the factory, the surface coating has been very well treated. Therefore, their maintenance is very simple, and most manufacturers recommend simple flushing.

A metal roof that never needs to be painted: Stone coated metal roof >>

Stone coating

For homeowners who like the appearance of traditional roofing materials but want the durability of metal, stone coated steel roofing is a good choice. Acrylic polymer adhesive is applied to the surface of the base steel plate and then coated with stone particles. Finally, apply a sealant on the top to provide better protection. This roof finish provides all the benefits, including attractiveness.

Since the stone-coated metal roof is very close to the traditional Shingle, it is more environmentally friendly than asphalt.

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