What color of the metal roof looks best on a white house?

Most homeowners repaint the house when replacing the roof, but do you know which color combination is best for the roof and the house?

First of all, one of the benefits of choosing a metal roof is design flexibility. A metal roof means that no matter which roof color you choose, it is “green” ground.

This article provides some ideas that can inspire creativity and apply to houses of any style and function. In fact, the color combination of metal roof and siding can become very attractive. Some people like light-colored houses and roofs, such as white, which makes people feel clean and tidy overall.

White siding house

Colonial style

Use classic white houses with dark or black metal roofs. The white walls complement the black roof and gray windows.

Farm style

Traditional farmhouse houses are now very popular. Neutral colors such as white, beige, or gray are used as siding, which complements the bronze, dark blue, or black metal roof.

Craftsman style

It adopts metallic color, mainly light black.

Mid-century modern style

Decorate a modern house in the middle of the century with a metal roof. A white metal roof with olive green or light gray is an interesting choice.

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