Choose metal roof tiles and reject heavy roofs

From the thatched roof a long time ago to the later clay or cement roof, the thatch will never leak or be replaced frequently due to the rot of the thatch. Because the house is small as a whole, it is very beneficial for roof support. With the development of the times, people’s economic capabilities are gradually rising. The area of ​​the house began to grow larger, and clay tiles or cement tiles began to be eliminated by the times. The heavy roof tests the overall structure of the house, which increases the cost of building the house and reduces the service life of the house.

Asphalt roof tile

The appearance of asphalt roof tiles has accelerated the disappearance of clay tiles. But it also has some shortcomings: shedding, polluting the environment, and service life.

Metal roof

The metal roof was just a simple sheet iron roof at the beginning. Later, people began to add paint coatings and made more shapes of metal roof tiles. Loud noise is the earliest problem encountered by metal roofs. In the rainy season or strong winds, metal roofs will make louder noises. The confined space in the house caused the noise to increase again.
Later, the appearance of copper roofing or steel roofing began to reduce noise. However, the effect is not ideal. People began to look for better roofing materials.

Stone coated metal roofing tile

Yes, it is also a kind of metal roof tile. However, the stone coating on the surface has reduced the noise to a minimum. After using an excellent roof underlayment, the noise has been far away.
Heavy roofs are no longer suitable for modern houses. Especially some people who like to use wood or other non-concrete materials to build houses. Heavier than ordinary metal roofs, much lighter than clay tiles, and stone-coated metal roof tiles that are more durable than asphalt shingles are beginning to gain popularity.
JINHU Tip: Stone-coated metal roof tiles can be directly installed on the old roof through the skeleton. Qualified roofs do not need to be installed after cleaning the old roofs. This saves our dealers a clean-up cost.

Metal roofing

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