The evolution of metal roofs

Throughout history, human evolution has been a struggle against harsh environments. Humans have always sought better shelter and still do. At the top of the shelter is the roof, and a good roof is very important. A good roof not only provides shelter for the occupants but also protects the rest of the house from injury. The composition of the roof has always been something that builders were looking for improvements, the oldest thatch and twigs, and later handmade roofs like shingles.

With the advent of the industrial age, asbestos tiles, asphalt tiles, and rubber tiles have appeared. These products are cheap to produce and transport, but durability is a drawback.

Roofing has come a long way since the advent of metal shingles during World War II. To solve the problem of reflection, the metal roof is covered with coating.

Benefits of stone coated metal roof tiles:

Aesthetics: Compared with the traditional vertical seam metal roof, the appearance of metal tiles is more natural. Colored stone tiles can be made to look like shingles, slates, and Milano roofs. The development of polychromatic colors provides diversity.

Low weight: Metal is lighter than most roofing materials. This is very friendly to the support structure of the house and means that the life of the house will not be shortened.

Wind resistance and fire prevention: unique interlock installation, will not be blown away by the wind. Metal is also non-flammable.

Energy efficiency: Colored stone metal shingles use a colored sand coating to keep the house cool in warm weather.

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The evolution of metal roofs
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