Tips for successful installation of colored stone metal roof

Some homeowners often consider removing the old roof when installing stone-coated metal tiles, but JINHU tells you that’s not necessary.

If your old roof is badly damaged or even has standing water in it, it may be necessary to remove it. But if your old roof just ages or fades, you’re just replacing it early to prevent damage. So please leave your old roof, directly build the frame on the old roof, install JINHU color stone metal tile.

You might wonder, or even worry, will this not be a problem? No, if your old roof has no quality problems and you don’t have enough money. It’s the best way to save time and money. And the installation of stone coated metal roof tiles can even be used like this:

Stone coated metal roof shingles installed

Of course, if you plan to completely replace your roof, here are our suggestions:

Choose the right liner

  • Rubberized asphalt: Very water-resistant due to the high content of asphalt and rubber polymers.
  • Synthetic gaskets: polypropylene multilayer construction is also ideal for roofing gaskets.
  • Nylon mesh: Usually used in combination with closed-cell foam insulation for roofing systems.

The correct accessories

  • 1. Angle Ridge Cap or Circular Ridge Cap or Square Ridge Cap
  • 2. Valley Tray, Wall Side Flashing, Eaves Flashing
  • 3. Suitable slopes

The installation of colored stone metal roof shingles provides excellent protection to the interior property. It has never failed in the face of inclement weather in New Zealand, the United States, Africa, and elsewhere. JINHU, as a manufacturer and exporter of stone coating metal roofing tiles in China, has three production plants. Export aluminum products to the world.

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