Reasons to abandon asphalt roofs

When you plan to replace the roof, you need to consider whether to continue using the same roof. Consult your family and observe the effectiveness and service life of the asphalt roof. The installation of the asphalt roof needs to be tightly fitted to the roof lining. This causes the outside temperature to affect the inside. One thing most homeowners think about: when to replace the roof. Some say spring and fall are the best times to finish the roof. But for stone-coated metal roof tiles, any season is fine.

The asphalt roof leaks or soaks

The asphalt shingles cling to the roof lining, which makes it easier for water to stay on the roof. If there is a leak, it is best to nip it in the bud. Replacing asphalt shingles with stone-coated metal roof tiles will eliminate these problems forever. Be sure to check the problem area carefully.

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The shingles off

Asphalt shingles found in the yard after a storm are a reminder that the roof needs to be reinstalled. This is an important reason why we can replace the roof in any season. If you find any problems with the roof, replace it as soon as possible. Prevent further damage to indoor property. At this time you can choose to install the stone coated metal roof shingles on the surface of the asphalt shingles. Yes, no need to remove the original asphalt shingles. Just build a new frame on the roof and install it.

The installation of asphalt shingles VS the installation of colored stone metal shingles

Both are very simple to install. But it must be admitted that the installation of asphalt shingles is relatively quick. Rapid installation results in insufficient firmness to withstand the harsh environment. The installation of colored stone metal tile is very firm because each piece of tile is squeezed together. No shingles will fall off.

Homeowners install or DIY their own style. Color stone metal tile can help you achieve.

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Reasons to abandon asphalt roofs
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