House owners choose the basic standard of colored stone coated metal tile

Whenever a client is considering replacing a roof, I encourage them to set their standards. What are their requirements when it comes to a new roof? Whether or not you have to pay more for each request. The life expectancy, maintenance requirements, energy efficiency, cost, low weight, and robustness of the roof are all things that homeowners need to consider.

JINHU summed up the following basic criteria through communication with customers:

  • Service life. JINHU colored stone metal tile uses aluminum plated zinc steel plate, corrosion resistance, a service life of more than 50 years.
  • Maintenance requirements. The stone coating on the surface means little maintenance is required. Even if damage occurs, only the stone coating on the surface needs to be repaired.
  • Negligible energy efficiency. There is space between the metal shingles and the roof deck. In the hot summer or cold winter, this space plays a good role in temperature insulation. Keeping the temperature stable in your home can mean big savings.
  • Costs. The initial cost of stone-coated metal steel roof tiles is high. But when you read this article about the cost of metal roofs, some ideas will change.
  • Robustness. In the face of hail, typhoons, rain, and snow attack, color stone metal tile will never fail. Most importantly, the stone coating on the surface can reduce the noise.
  • Beautiful. A house, about 60% of the courseware appearance is the roof. The appearance of colored stone metal roof tiles is very beautiful.

Color stone metal tile customer reviews

Are you thinking about replacing the roof? Have your standards? Whether to choose stone-coated metal roof tiles or color-coated metal roof tiles, you can contact JINHU.

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