Benefits of installing stone coated metal roof tiles

Standing Seam Metal Roofing is excellent when it comes to enhancing home values and conservation, but not the most cost-effective. The most popular right now are stone-coated metal roofs. Today, we discuss the hidden advantages of colored stone metal roof tiles.

1. Durability in a harsh environment

JINHU colored stone tiles are very reliable all year round, hot or cold. In bad weather, hail, snow, lightning, can not defeat JINHU colored stone tiles.

In winter, the stone coating on the surface of the colored metal shingles is a good buffer against hail.

In summer, high temperatures are also blocked, and the stone coating on the surface reflects some UV rays. JINHU roof tiles keep your home cool throughout the summer.

Fall is hurricane season. The correct installation of Jinhu colored stone metal tile can protect your property. Stone coated metal roof tiles are very strong unless the wind blows the whole house.

Stone grain metal roof tile
Interlocking roof tile
Milano stone coated steel roof tile

2. Best investment

Ordinary metal tile has multiple styles and colors, but JINHU color stone metal tile color and style more. Your house is wooden, we recommend wood grain metal shingles for you. In addition, we have imitation stone metal tile, Milan tile, and so on.

JINHU stone coated metal roof tiles have a service life of more than 70 years. New England asphalt roof shingles have an average lifespan of 15-17 years, resulting in skyrocketing roof costs.

With proper installation and almost zero maintenance, the colored stone metal roofing material can remain functional and stylish for decades. These roofs typically cover 85-90% of the cost when the house is sold. Even if the surface stone coating is damaged by hail, a simple repair can be done. We will give away repair tools and materials, it can be done in one minute.

As one of the earliest producers of stone-coated metal roof tiles in China, JINHU can meet all your metal roof needs.

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