2021 color stone tile metal roof popularity increased

As more and more homeowners pay more attention to the subsequent cost of the roof, the volume of stone-coated metal roof tiles began to rise rapidly.

In the United States, for example, a large number of families suffered damage to their homes due to the extreme weather in 2019. Power and transportation were damaged in some areas. In extremely low temperatures, people rely on fireplaces for warmth, but the damage to the roof has caused the indoor temperature to continue to drop. In subsequent repair and renovation activities, it was found that the houses with metal roofs were the least damaged.

After the incident, the JINHU Group sent an email to our American partners asking if they needed help. And we sold part of the roof to our American partner at a low price to express our hearts.

Interlocking roof tile
Roman stone coated metal roof tiles
Spanish Stone-coated metal roof tiles

You know, metal roofs are better than asphalt shingles, and stone-coated metal roofs are better than metal shingles. Especially the noise, appearance, and impact resistance, which is due to the color stone coating on the surface.

Environmental concerns have encouraged people to prefer metal roofs

Stone coated metal roof tiles are very environmentally friendly,

The metal roof can be 100% recycled, reducing the environmental pollution. The long-term benefits of installing quality metal roofs are being credited with reducing energy use, reducing a home’s carbon footprint, and preventing waste. But noise has always been a disadvantage of metal roofs, which has hindered the use of metal roofs. The appearance of colored stone metal roof tiles improves this situation, and the colored sand coating on its surface greatly reduces the generation and transmission of noise.

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