Metal roofing liner

Metal roofing liner is very important to the new roof, although it is not visible. But it helps protect your home from water damage, and it also provides good sound insulation and insulation.

The liner not only provides waterproof protection for the roof but also provides excellent skid resistance for the metal roof. While stone-coated metal roof tiles can reflect heat, the roof can’t be completely stopped from getting hot. Properly installed roof liners can maintain a warm room.

JINHU color stone tile can be directly installed on the old roof, the gasket is not damaged can not be replaced.

Different types of gaskets

  • Rubber asphalt: It is very waterproof due to the high content of asphalt and rubber polymers. This is the best liner for metal roofing systems.
  • Synthetic gasket: Polypropylene multilayer construction is also an ideal gasket for roofing. They have a safe non-slip surface.
  • Nylon mesh: Usually used in roofing systems in combination with closed-cell foam insulation.