4 important reasons to buy colored stone metal roof tiles

The Metal Roof Alliance (MRA) has some questions for homeowners about how to get the best value for the cost of roofing. There are many issues homeowners need to consider when replacing the roof of their homes. Initial costs, maintenance costs, service life, and many other factors need to be measured, which is why homeowners must consider the initial cost of a new roof and the long-term cost. For example, the initial cost is low, but replacing or repairing the roof more frequently can be costly.

Stone-coated metal roof maximizes roof value

To ensure that at the same time, to maximize the value of their roof. Stone-coated roof tiles must be the best choice:

1. Ultra-long durability: Many areas are faced with a harsh environment, which will lead to accelerated aging of the roof, resulting in more frequent roof replacement. In the authority, asphalt shingles, wood shingles, colored stone metal shingles respectively experienced the simulation experiment. The results showed that metal roofs were stronger and more durable. At the same time, the sound insulation effect of stone-coated metal roof tiles is better than that of an ordinary metal roof.

2. Consider the long-term return on investment: Many homeowners are opting for stone-coated metal roofs because they last five times longer than traditional roofs. The stone-coated metal roof can be used for more than 50 years, even if the stone coating falls off after 50 years, the aluminized zinc steel plate below can be used after simple treatment. That’s why higher initial costs better value for money. The maintenance cost of a stone-coated metal roof is negligible, and the owner just needs to be careful not to let leaves clogging the drain.

3. Environmentally friendly and energy-efficient: Metal roofs are more energy-efficient than many other types of roofs and help save on utilities. JINHU color stone-coated tile surface stone coating can withstand ultraviolet rays, by re-emitting most of the absorbed solar radiation to maintain the temperature of the room.

4. Raise the sale price: Even if you don’t plan to sell your home, JINHU colored stone tiles can help add value to your home. Figures show that metal roofs have increased by as much as 14% in the real estate market. Among them, houses with colored stone and metal tiles are more popular because of their beautiful appearance.

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