Here are six other things to look out for when buying roof tiles

Many homeowners choose to replace their roofs in the spring because they notice problems in the winter. Since the advantages and disadvantages of each kind of roof are different, it is very important to ask the roofer. Here are six questions that may help you, according to JINHU, a metal roofing manufacturer.

1. What kind of roof suits me best?

This depends on your local environment. As the old saying goes, prepare for the worst. Typhoon, bushfire, hail, snow, rain, cold, heat, consider every challenge. Service life, maintenance costs, protection effects, etc., all need to be taken seriously.

The advantages and disadvantages of traditional tiles coexist, the price is favorable but the maintenance cost is high. Some homeowners have aesthetic requirements, and they want a wood or stone look. But the house supports don’t allow SLATE or clay shingles, because ice and snow would add weight. So homeowners who wanted a similar look opted for colored stone-coated metal roof tiles.

2. It’s too dangerous for me to maintain the roof. What should I do?

Some traditional roofing materials (e.g., clay, asphalt) are prone to serious maintenance problems, such as moss, fungi, and algae. It is very severe in some areas with humid air. These problems are cumbersome and expensive to fix, but if not cleaned up, the damage to the roof can be even more costly. So some homeowners, to reduce the cost and hassle of roof maintenance, choose low maintenance, long service life stone coated metal roof.

3. How to check the performance and reliability of roof tiles?

Quality warranty is very important. If a vendor guarantees you quality and guarantees you for a certain period, it is very reliable. Unless you’re a professional, you can’t read the test certificate. JINHU metal roof tiles have a lot of customers all over the world, they trust JINHU company very much.

4. How to choose a suitable roof that you like?

The right style and design are very important. Wooden houses with SLATE roofs are not the right choice. Stone-coated metal roof tiles mimic the appearance of the wood grain. In addition, stone, Rome, Milan, etc., can be imitated. And the advantages of colored stone metal tile are not only so.

5. How to get a better price?

Contact the roof tile manufacturer for the lowest price. This is everyone who understands the truth, but the roof tile installation problem is also everyone worried about. JINHU Color stone roof tile manufacturer, to provide you with high-quality roof tiles, but also to provide you with the correct installation method. Large-colored stone tile is very convenient to install, can be removed and installed at the same time.

6. How can we reduce our impact on the environment?

Redecorating the roof could create a lot of waste. Some roofs are dismantled and discarded, not reused or recycled. The colored stone metal roof tiles can be installed directly on the old asphalt roof, avoiding waste and providing better insulation. After reaching the service life of colored stone metal tile, it can reach a recovery rate of 90%. The stone coating on the surface also has no impact on the environment, it is just natural stone particles, even can be spread in the yard.

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