Material contrast of Metal Roof

You might think that metal roofs are all the same, just different colors. But the emergence of stone-coated metal roof tiles has shattered the traditional ideas of many homeowners. Metal roofs have gained popularity largely because of their advantages, such as recyclability and long life. And the color stone coating metal tile is great progress.Here is a comparison of materials for metal roofs.

1.steel for metal roofs

Steel is strong and durable, but not suitable for residential roofs. The main reason is the problem of rust. Steel is very affordable, so many homeowners choose steel when decorating. But because the coating is damaged when the steel is cut, the problem of rust also occurs.

But the advent of stone-coated metal shingles changed that. Folding after cutting is a good way to avoid rust problems. The coating on the steel itself plus the stone coating is a good way to avoid rust problems.

2.Copper for Metal Roofs

A copper roof is a very durable and beautiful material, but the high price is not acceptable. At the same time, the stability of copper is poor, with time will produce a color difference. Copper is also very easy to chemically react with other metals, which means your roof needs to be made entirely of copper, which is very unsafe.

3.Aluminum for Metal Roofs

Aluminum’s excellent resistance to rust and salt makes it suitable for use in all harsh climates, including coastal areas. It has a natural protective ability and reacts with air to form alumina, which is very resistant to corrosion. Aluminum, which is used to make protective coatings, is priced between steel and copper.

4. Zinc for Metal Roofs

Zinc is an uncommon metal, but it has a wide range of uses. On a paddle, zinc sacrifices itself to protect other parts. But the price of zinc is very expensive, the cost of a zinc roof is very uneconomical. But zinc coating is very popular, which is inseparable from its advantages.

5. The most cost-effective metal roof

Aluminized zinc steel is the most suitable metal roof. Its price is very favorable, the surface of an aluminum zinc coating can play a good role in protection. Stone-coated steel roof tiles are based on aluminized zinc steel and re-coated with stone for improved durability.

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Material contrast of Metal Roof
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