china stone coated tiles factories

Excellent Chinese stone-coated metal tile factories. The surface is coated with colored sand, beautiful and firm. Traditional metal tiles, very easy to produce noise. The colored sand on the surface of the stone coated metal roof tiles can effectively reduce the noise.

Metal shingles coated with colored sand are the most common alternative to natural clay shingles. They look very similar in appearance, with almost the same color and style choices. Your friends and neighbors won’t immediately tell the difference between a real clay tile and a stone-coated tile.

Roman stone coated metal roof tiles

The market prospect of stone coating metal tile is very broad. It will replace most of the traditional roof tiles, become the most popular roofing product.

Advantages of stone coated metal roof tiles >>>

More than 50 years of service life. In harsh environment areas such as wind, rain, snow, hail, and coastal areas, the excellence of stone coated metal roof tiles has been recognized by everyone.

Fire is always a homeowner’s pet peeve. In some bushfire-prone areas, burning plants are blowing in the wind, causing concern for homeowners. Stone-coated metal shingles are non-combustible, and the stone coated surface is insulated and does not discolor.

JINHU China Stone Coated Tiles Factories aims to recruit partners from all over the world and help you solve difficulties through two-way cooperation. Metal shingles stored in the warehouse will not be damaged, its shelf life is almost permanent, so you do not need to worry about the problem of product breakage. Cooperate with real estate developers or sell in their community, will get a large profit.

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