Product data for stone coated metal tiles

  • (1) Weight: 0.5kg ~3KG(scale metal tile is 0.5kg)
  • (2) thickness 0.4mm, 0.45mm, 0.5mm
  • (3) dimensions 610mm*215mm~1340mm*420mm
  • (4) Tiles per Sqm:12 sheets~2 sheets

At JINHU, the safety of our employees and the quality of our products are of paramount importance. Some customers who cooperate with Jinhu for the first time, always say that your products are more expensive than other companies. But these customers will come to us for cooperation next time and even introduce new customers to us. All because of the quality of JINHU stone-coated metal roof tiles.

A long-time customer told us: I have been concerned about the quality of the metal tiles and the complaints my company has suffered. But buying Jinhu’s products can make me feel at ease. When the company started, I bought a batch of stone-coated metal roof tiles at a good price from another company. Now, this batch of products is still stored in our warehouse, we do not want to cause the loss of customers because of low-quality products.

Colored stone-coated metal foundation tile is new roofing material. High corrosion resistance aluminum zinc plated steel as the base material. High-quality acrylic resin for adhesive. Natural stone particles or inorganic high weather resistance are used for natural stone surface dyeing color pigments. Jinhu color stone tile has its invention patent, to support customer customization.

Stone coated metal steel roof tile outlet

Jinhu stone-coated metal roofing is available in 12 shapes and 16 colors. Enhance the appeal of your home while offering durability and low maintenance. Chinese high quality stone coated metal roof tile is a new type of roofing material, using durable aluminum zinc plated steel plate. Our company has its patent and special process, unique production process.

Cost of stone coated metal roof

The low maintenance cost of a metal roof can quickly cover the initial cost. This is why roofs are popular even though they are expensive to start with. To calculate the cost of the roof, click here >>>

Stone coated metal roof tiles compared to traditional roofs

1. Service life: Jinhu colored stone roof tiles promise 50 years of quality warranty. The use of color stone tile up to 70 years. Even in areas with harsh environments, the service life also reaches more than 50 years.

2. Low Maintenance costs: Metal roofs are notoriously easy to maintain.

3. Increase the value of your home: Before some homeowners sell their homes, most choose to use colored stone metal tiles. That will get more buyers.

The insurance company benefits: Regular metal roofs stop burning, but not heat. And the stone coating on the surface of the colored stone metal tile can prevent the transfer of heat. Insurance companies prefer houses with stone-coated metal roof tiles.

More on the advantages of stone coated metal roof tiles, click here >>>

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