Why Choose Metal Roofing?

As an advanced manufacturer and wholesaler of stone-coated metal roof panels in China, JHL predicted the prospect of stone-coated steel roofs early. Its appearance is sought after by house owners and roofing contractors. At the same time, some small factories producing metal roofs are also appearing in large numbers. The roof panel market has become somewhat chaotic, and the quality is also uneven. But this will be short-lived, and the final stone-coated steel market will return to stability under the leadership of major brands.

JHL extended an invitation to global vendors. Be a partner.

In the US, many homeowners choose to use our Interlocking stone coated steel roof tiles. Unlike other traditional roof shingles, our metal shingles are not damaged by seasonal changes.

Stone coated steel roof is the homeowner’s choice for economy Roof. JHL metal shingles are provided with a 50-year warranty, compared to asphalt shingles with a very short life. This means that you can also offer your customers a 50-year warranty.

JHL metal tile advantages:

  • Investment grade roofing – Increase the value of your home
  • Upscale style to enhance the appearance of your home
  • Non-porous – anti-freezing and thawing (for cold weather)
  • It does not break, break, burn, curl, divide, rot or grow mold
  • No fear of hail (minor deformations can be fixed at any time)
  • Excellent protection against wind damage
  • Help save energy (thermal and recyclable)
  • Quality Warranty (50 years warranty)
  • JINHU welcomes your inquiries

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