Standing Seam

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Stone coated steel roofing vs Standing seam

Standing seam

Most homeowners said that the standing seam metal roof was eliminated for the first time. I couldn’t bear its appearance, and it felt like living in a warehouse. The industrial appearance of standing seam metal panels reduces the appeal and conflicts with most design styles.
For modern buildings, vertical seam metal roofs have lacked rich textures that coordinate with the design. Its appearance is always the same, the only thing that can be changed is the color of the paint coating as if to tell passers-by “Hi, I am a warehouse”.

Stone coated steel roofing

The stone-coated steel roofing is different from the single shape of the standing seam roof. It can replicate all the tile-shaped appearances known on the market. Such as slate roof shingles, timber roof shingles, clay roof shingles, and asphalt roof shingles.
The JHL metal roof has the strength of multi-layer steel and the surface has a stone coating that reflects ultraviolet rays and cushions the impact of hail. Designers like the JHL metal roof, it is the lightest roof product in the industry, which means that the pressure on the house structure is minimized. JHL is a one-time roof solution that requires almost no maintenance and has a service life of more than 50 years