Metal roofing colors

Installing the correct metal roofing colors can bring you unexpected surprises.

The light-colored roof can block the heat outside and protect you from the heat. In summer, it helps to reduce the load on the air-conditioning system in summer. Similarly, the light-colored roof appearance is very attractive to passers-by. You know, light colors can keep people’s minds calm.

Dark roofs will absorb heat, which is common sense. If your home is located in a cool climate, dark roof tiles will not help much. All you need to do is to insulate the roof and ventilate the attic, then choosing a darker color will not affect the energy performance of your home.

Faced with energy bills, have you considered saving energy through roof colors? The color of the roof plays a very important role in energy saving, which can help you save money. Light-colored roofs can better reflect solar heat, while dark-colored roofs are just the opposite. In fact, the white metal roof is rated as a cool roof by Energy Star. The black metal roof is 50-60 degrees hotter than the white roof. If you live in a climate-colored area like Florida, it is best to choose a light-colored metal roof. White, beige, green, or blue metal roof.

White siding house
White roof house

JINHU’s tip: If you are considering the roof color, maybe you can look at the roofs of neighbors around you. Finally, decide whether to stay in line with your neighbors or to highlight your own style. Then contact us to get preferential prices.

Light color metal roofing

Spanish tile roof
Spanish stone coated metal roof
Metal shingles in summer
Shingle stone coated metal roof
Wood grain tile roof
Wood shake stone coated metal roof

Dark color metal roofing

Classic tile roof
Classic stone coated metal roof
Shingle tile roof
Shingle stone coated metal roof
Shingle tile roof
Shingle stone coated metal roof