Metal roof that never needs to be painted: Stone coated metal roof

Find metal roof painters to repaint your roof. This is an additional cost. For improperly maintained metal roofs, painting companies will charge higher fees. Some homeowners don’t want to hire painters to paint frequently because this is a huge expense.

According to the statistics of the Metal Roof Alliance, the installation rate of metal roofs is increasing rapidly. This is because, in addition to durability, strong visual appeal is also one of the reasons why people choose it. Painting is an essential step for metal roofs to have a beautiful appearance. Whether it is for sale or the envy of neighbors, choosing a beautiful color is essential.

Remove impurities on the roof surface

Before painting the metal roof, you must remove mold, dirt, and loose paint residue. High-power spray guns can easily solve this problem, but the cost of purchasing the equipment is expensive. It is also possible to use a diluted vinegar solution to remove any old paint and residues, which requires certain technical content and protective measures.

Choose the right paint

After the strong cleaning treatment, you need to use the right paint and the correct spraying process to spray the roof.

Acrylic latex paint is suitable for bare metal roofs. The combination of oil-based alkyd paint and galvanized metal primer is also a good choice. There are many paint brands on the market, and you need to be clear about the attributes you need, such as waterproof, fireproof, and insect repellent.

Metal roof painting

Advertising time — stone coated metal roofing

Some metal roof companies will tell you that metal roofs need to be cleaned every six months. And JINHU tells you that stone-coated metal tiles do not require maintenance. It is only necessary to ensure that the drainage ditch is not blocked, and inspect it after experiencing harsh environments such as hail.

  • Advantages: the service life is more than 50 years
  • The stone coating on the surface will not fall off naturally.
  • Environmentally friendly, insect-proof and recyclable.
  • It is available in metal roof colors.
  • Never need to repaint.
Wood grain coated metal roof tile
Wood shake coated metal roof tile
Milano stone coated metal roof tile
Milano stone coated metal roof tile
Bond stone coated metal roof tile
Bond stone coated metal roof tile

Benefits of painted metal roof


With global warming, threats from the natural environment began to increase. More and more homeowners are beginning to look for sustainable roofing products or methods.

Painting is the most common way to improve the sustainability of the roof. Metal is an excellent heat conductor, especially in summer to the extent that it can burn people. The unpainted and painted metal roof will transfer heat to the room and increase the indoor temperature. Some paints have the ability to reflect ultraviolet light, thereby reducing the heat absorbed by the metal. In winter, paint can better resist corrosion from melting snow.

Maintenance and longevity

With the correct roof design and paint to complete the paint, your roof can last longer. The correct finish will significantly reduce energy costs.

Improve appearance

When homeowners choose to paint metal roofs, they don’t have enough choices. There are so many paints on the market that non-professionals cannot distinguish them correctly. The salesperson may suggest that the homeowner choose the color he likes, but ignores the paint’s ability to resist ultraviolet rays and corrosion.

The service life of painted finishes is generally not high and requires frequent repainting. Maintenance costs will increase. Inferior paint finishes will accelerate the aging of metal roofs.

We will give away extra colored sand. If the stone on the surface falls off, just apply glue and sprinkle with colored sand. The replacement of metal roof tiles is very convenient, remove the nails, replace the new tiles, and nail the nails.

JHL stone-coated metal roof tiles: Roofing materials never need to be painted, nor do you need to hire a painter.