Metal roof over shingles

Installing metal roof over shingles

Removing old tiles when replacing an asphalt roof is a daunting task that costs extra. The dismantled asphalt shingles pollute the environment, and the aged asphalt shingles cause a load on the landfill. So, some homeowners are looking for metal roofing systems that can be installed directly on shingles.

JHL metal roofing systems can be installed directly on asphalt roofs, thanks to JHL’s unique ventilation installation process. Use nails to install wood strips on the asphalt shingle roof, and metal panels can also be installed on the wood strips.

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Installing metal roof over shingles

Metal roof over shingles problems

Not all roof shingles support the installation of metal roof overlays. First, make sure the roof deck is thick and strong enough. At the same time, ensure that there are no problems such as water accumulation and mold on the asphalt roof because these problems can cause the deck to rot. A rotting deck will reduce the strength of a metal roof.

Can you put a metal roof over shingles?

With the exception of asphalt and metal roofs, not all older roofs support covering metal roofs. Clay, concrete, and wood shingles require additional roofing construction. A steel structure was used to build the frame on top of the old roof, and JHL metal panels were installed on top of the steel structure.

Some homeowners worry about other issues with this method, such as lack of sturdiness, internal water leaks, and internal temperature issues. You don’t have to worry at all, JHL products have installations all over the world. Facts have proved that not only does the above problem not occur, but it has the advantages of maintaining a suitable indoor temperature, improving the aesthetics of the house, and being very strong.

Installing metal roof over shingles

Although we can guarantee the quality of the products, we cannot guarantee the professional competence of the installers. The advantage of installing a metal roof over shingles is that when the rain breaks through the new roof, the old roof becomes the second line of defense.

The insulation and safety of the double-layered roof are excellent.

Metal Roof over Old Shingles Pros and Cons


1. Reduce costs: The biggest advantage of laying metal roofs on old shingle roofs is saving money. You know, the removal of old roofs and the disposal of waste roofing materials require a lot of money.

2. Fast: The installation of the new roof can be carried out quickly without removing the old roof. Unexpected storms may cause some impact, but the risk of water intrusion is fairly small. After the old roof is removed, there is little protection until the new roof is installed.

3. Less Disturbance to Neighbors: Roof removal is a messy and noisy process, and the practice of keeping the old roof reduces noise and waste and shortens the time it takes to install a new roof.

4. Saving energy costs: The metal roof installed on the shingle roof can reduce energy consumption by 10%-25%. Energy savings are best when there is a ventilated space between the old and new roofs. The JHL metal shingles roof can accomplish this, and the waterproof wooden slats form a unique ventilation space to allow the passage of wind.

5. Recyclability: Asphalt shingles have a short service life and are not environmentally friendly. Waste asphalt takes over 100 years to decompose. As a result, many landfills charge exorbitant fees. The recycling rate of the JHL stone-coated steel roofs is over 95%, and the stone coating on the surface will not have any impact on the environment. So, it is a very good idea to use a metal roof to install on an old asphalt roof.

JHL metal roofs can perfectly replicate other tile types and are called metal roofs that look like shingles. So, if you like slate tile, Spanish tile, wood shake, or asphalt roofing, JHL will be your best bet.


1. Standing water: If water gets between the old and new roofs, it can cause rot and mildew. To avoid this problem, it is necessary to install ventilation or use waterproof wood strips. The JHL metal roof uses waterproof wood strips to elevate the metal panels and create a ventilated space.

2. Inspection: Before installing a new metal roof, you need to conduct a detailed inspection of the old roof. Prevent some existing damage from causing more damage to the roof deck, such as mold, water spots, and rot.

Cost to install metal roof over shingles

The first step in the installation of a new roof is to remove the old roof and then install the new roofing material. But installing a metal roof over shingles does not require removing the old roof. This means that neither the roof deck nor the insulation needs to be replaced, which is a considerable saving.

1. Install directly on the old roof

Take JHL as an example: you only need to buy the roofing products and install the required wood strips and tools. Nails, ridge tiles, and other accessories are prepared by us for you. Wood strips, cutting scissors, hammers are the most commonly used tools and are described in detail in the JHL Stone Coated Steel Roofing Installation Video. The prices and costs of these items are very low, and if you’re looking for a roofer, they’ll have professional tools.

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2. The need to build a steel structure

Building a steel structure requires professionals to do it, and you need to find a roofer. Then your expenses are roofers, metal roofs, and steel.

JHL reminder: The actual price depends on the local market conditions. If you plan to install it yourself, take precautions.

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