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Strong strength, honest quality, reliable quality is a firm link between the company and the company, individual and individual.  As a manufacturer and exporter of stone-coated steel roofing from China, JINHU Aluminum Group is well received by customers all over the world.  We have dealers all over the world and welcome anyone from any country to join us  

Shandong JHL Aluminum Group, founded in 2003, is an enterprise group focusing on the production, processing, and sales of color-coated aluminum coil, aluminum composite panels, stone coated steel roof tile, and other steel materials as the core business.
Up to now, the group has three production bases, covering an area of about 360,000 square meters. Its products are exported to 80 countries and regions in Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, Africa, etc., and it ranks among the top 100 exporters of non-ferrous steels.

 Shandong JHL Aluminum Group officially put into the production of a stone coated steel roof project in 2012. The group is the drafting unit of JHL roof tile industry standards. With 12 advanced automatic production lines with independent patents, daily output of about 60,000 square meters, scale, and capacity are among the best in China.
At present, there are 12 types of tile and 16 kinds of conventional colors, special colors can be customized, the product service life of up to 50 years to meet the consumer needs of the majority of customers.

 Since production, JHL metal roofing tile adheres to innovative research and development and high standards of production requirements, strict compliance with New Zealand and South Korea quality standards has several invention patents and utility model patents. The Group has set up a scientific research laboratory and continues to lead the industry in terms of product performance and quality.

Manufacturer and supplier of stone coated steel roofing from China. You are welcome to consult  

In 2021, JINHU aluminum group with an international vision to achieve a new leap-forward upgrade, with more than 10 years of production and sales experience, comprehensive and deep domestic marketing network layout, to bring customers higher quality stone coated steel roofing products, construction, and service, promote the development of green new building materials.

Take you into the workshop of a manufacturer and exporters of stone coated steel roofing:

JHL metal roofing manufacturer and supplier

JHL metal roofing suppliers not only provide high-quality stone-coated steel roofs but also continue to strengthen the later services of JHL contractors. We advertise to the world and provide buyers with the addresses of nearby JHL contractors so that customers can buy or sell metal roof panels as quickly as possible.

Metal roofing
Metal roofing

JHL metal roofing requires very little maintenance, and annual maintenance is indispensable. It is very cost-effective to extend the service life of metal roofs by 5-10 years with minimal maintenance.

When you are looking for other metal roofing materials, it is very important to understand the information about metal roofing. The following is the information that JHL has compiled for you.

  • Energy saving: The stone coating on the surface of the JHL stone coating metal roofing panel will reflect most of the ultraviolet rays, minimizing the energy loss through the roof.
  • Sturdy: JHL roof tiles are made of aluminum-zinc steel as the base layer, which will not rust. It can easily withstand extreme weather such as hurricanes, hail, rain and snow.
  • Service life: The service life of metal roofing panels is up to 50 years. JHL provides 50 years of quality assurance. The service life can be extended by 5-10 years under good maintenance.
  • Environmental protection: Asphalt shingles cannot be recycled and can only be buried underground and decomposed naturally. The replacement frequency of metal roofing is very low, and even after the service life is reached, more than 90% of the recycling can be achieved.
  • Customizable: Metal roofs are more customizable than traditional roofs. JHL roof tiles can perfect the appearance of other roofing materials. Use different colors of stone coating to reflect your style and architectural features.
  • Additional components: JHL metal roof panels are easier to add components than traditional roofs. The metal is lighter but can bear more weight, and the unique interlocking structure ensures the overall load-bearing capacity.
  • Economic benefits: Thanks to the above advantages, metal roofs are very attractive to home buyers and insurance companies. Buyers are willing to pay higher prices for houses with metal roofs. The insurance company will reduce insurance costs.

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