Long life metal roof

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The service life of JHL stone coated metal roofing is longer than any non-metal roofing material today. In harsh environments, you need a durable roof.
In a suitable environment, other roofing materials, such as asphalt roofing, can only be used for about 15 years. In the face of harsh environments, asphalt shingles can only last for about 12 years.
If you are tired of replacing your roof every ten years, it is best to invest in a metal roof. JHL stone coated steel roof system not only provides you with durability and longevity but also provides unparalleled aesthetics. It can perfectly imitate the appearance of other roofs.

How long can the metal roof last?

On average, the service life of a metal roof is 40-70 years. The specific use time depends on the maintenance during use. A well-maintained metal roof will last longer than a roof that has not been maintained. The shortest service life of the JHL stone coated steel roof is 50 years. It only needs the simplest maintenance, and its service life can reach 70 years. The low maintenance requirements of metal roofs can free up more time for homeowners.