Stone-coated steel roofing

What is stone coated steel roofing

In the past, corrugated metal roofing was the choice of most homeowners. Although its appearance has been improved, it is still not beautiful enough. Later, some metal roofing manufacturers began to use expensive copper coatings, like the Arizona State Capitol, but its price was not suitable for home or commercial roofs. Later, the appearance of stone-coated steel roofing solved the problem of beautiful roofing materials but not durable, and durable but not beautiful enough.

Now there are more options, such as stone-coated metal roof panels. The colored sand coating on the stone-coated roof surface perfectly replicates the appearance of asphalt and terracotta bricks without sacrificing durability. Regardless of the style of the house, JHL steel roofing can meet your requirements.

JHL stone-coated metal roof not only has a beautiful appearance, but its durability is also amazing. JHL stone-coated metal roofing has a service life of 50 years, while asphalt or other roofing materials only have a service life of 12-20 years. Simple maintenance can last a lifetime.

Winter stone coated metal shingle
stone coated steel house
stone coated steel shingle

Wood shake coated metal roof tile
Wood shake coated metal roof tile
Bond stone coated metal roof tile
Bond stone coated metal roof tile
Milano stone coated metal roof tile
Milano stone coated metal roof tile
Roman stone coated metal roof tile
Roman stone coated metal roof tile
Spanish stone coated metal roof tile
Spanish stone coated metal roof tile
Rainbow stone coated metal roof tile
Rainbow stone coated metal roof tile
Classic stone coated metal roof tile
Classic stone coated metal roof tile
Wave stone coated metal roof tile
Wave stone coated metal roof tile
Shingle stone coated metal roof tile
Shingle stone coated metal roof tile
Burnished slate coated metal roof tile
Burnished slate coated metal roof tile
Interlocking stone coated metal roof tile
Interlocking stone coated metal roof tile
Fish scale stone coated metal roof tile
Fish scale stone coated metal roof tile

Advantages of stone coated steel roofing:

Stone-coated steel roofing pros and cons >>>

  • JHL stone coated steel roof can easily resist hail. The stone coating on the surface may be damaged but will not fall off easily.
  • The JHL steel roof can withstand wind speeds of 170 mph. The unique interlocking structure will never fall off and is popular in hurricane-prone areas.
  • JHL stone coated steel roofs are more than 50% lighter than traditional asphalt or composite roofs (this means that your house does not require additional structural reinforcement)
  • JHL steel roof tiles are very environmentally friendly. When the roof tiles are worn out and need to be replaced, you can recycle the steel plate 100%.
  • JHL steel tiles almost do not require maintenance by the homeowner, but only need to pay attention to maintaining smooth drainage and communication.

The process of JHL stone coated steel house products:

  • Aluminum-zinc alloy coating: a complete coating on both sides to protect steel from corrosion. When the steel is cut or scratched, zinc can resist the corrosion of exposed parts very well.
  • Acrylic coating: This kind of coating can improve the adhesion to the next layer of coating, usually acting on the primer.
  • Resin paint coating: Acrylic resin is used as adhesive and applied to the top of the board. At the same time, it also has the function of protecting the underlying material from the external environment. It is a binder for base steel and surface stone particles.
  • Stone coating: These stone particles are smaller than those of asphalt shingles. They are held tightly by the resin paint coating and are difficult to peel off. The particles are colored to provide design requirements, which is one of the reasons why stone-coated steel panels can perfectly imitate the appearance of other tiles. They can reflect ultraviolet rays and resist the impact of hail.

The stone-coated steel roof appeared in 1960. In order to meet the needs of house owners and market requirements, JHL has been upgrading materials and production processes and providing 50 years of quality assurance.

System Components

JHL stone-coated steel roof is not only a roof panel, we also provide all the components during installation, which is a complete roof system.

  • Roof panel: The homeowner can directly nail the metal panel to the wooden bar, steel bar or roof deck.
  • Nails: Special nails dedicated to wood and steel bars.
  • Colored stone particles and resin glue: apply glue to the exposed part of the nail, and sprinkle colored sand particles. While maintaining the beauty, prevent external factors from affecting the stability of the roof through nails.
  • Roof ridge: The roof ridge covers the exposed edges of the roof top components, effectively blocking the entry of the harsh environment.
  • Drainage board: Folded into a U-shaped drainage board in advance, it can drain water well. And the surface is also coated with stone, which is not easy to rust.

Stone Coat

ed Tile Type

  • Wood shake: This is a tile type that looks no different from wood shingles. The texture of the steel plate and the color of the stone coating perfectly imitate wood shingles.
  • Milan: Whether it is color or shape, passers-by cannot tell it without touching it.
  • Grid: This is a tile type that perfectly imitates asphalt shingles. It appears to satisfy the homeowners who like asphalt shingles but cannot tolerate frequent replacement of asphalt shingles.
  • Spain: This is a high arched tile, mostly used in villas. The appearance imitates Spanish terracotta tiles.


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Comparison of stone-coated steel shingle with other metal roofs

  • Standing seam: Compared with the industrial style of standing seam, the appearance of stone-coated steel roof is more classic and high-end. The material cost of the vertical seam is not more favorable, and the durability is lower when the installation cost is similar.
  • Asphalt shingles: similar appearance, but the shape of stone-coated steel is richer. Even though the cost of JHL roof tiles is 2-3 times that of asphalt shingles, the average cost in a 50-year life span is very low, because asphalt shingles need to be replaced 2-3 times in 50 years. JHL roofing is recyclable, and asphalt roofing can only be discarded.
  • Shingles: Wood is one of the worst roofing materials, especially when facing a fire. The stone-coated steel roof has a fire resistance level of A, and it is non-combustible.
  • Natural slate: The cost of natural slate is twice that of JHL roofing. And its weight puts a heavy pressure on the structure of the house. JHL roof shingles can provide the appearance of slate. However, the service life of slate can exceed 100 years.
  • Tesla solar tiles: Its cost is 2-3 times that of stone steel tiles. Although the excessively high cost can be made up by power generation, it is still a product with unproven service life and quality, and cannot be compared in detail.

The JHL stone coated steel roof system requires almost no maintenance, just remove the roof branches and floating leaves according to the season.

Remember, stone-coated steel roofs are more expensive than traditional roofing products. But consider the service life and minimal maintenance over time. The average cost of steel roofing will be lower.

Steel roofing has always dominated many areas. Factories, warehouses, and houses all benefit from the durability that only metal roofs can provide. So far, no other materials can replace metal roofs. Metal roofing has also been innovating. Traditional metal roofing materials, such as aluminum, standing seam, and corrugated roofs, lack style and design aesthetics.

1. The stone coated steel roof can be traced back to World War II

In the United Kingdom during World War II, in order to cover up the reflective metal of important buildings and protect them from bombing, stone-coated metal roofs appeared. After the war, people found that the stone coating adhered so well that it was almost impossible to remove. People found a business opportunity and started to produce it.

2. The difference between stone coated shingles and traditional metal roofs

When looking for steel roofs, most people start to exclude traditional metal roofs because their appearance can no longer meet the design requirements. The single appearance and industrial style doomed that ordinary metal roofs cannot create new design styles.

The advent of stone coating changed this. Adding stone grains to traditional roof panels can create bright colors and unique textures, and more design options have emerged. Colored stone particles can replicate the appearance of other roof tiles without sacrificing durability.

3. The price of stone coated roof shigles

This is undeniable. The initial price of the JHL roof shingle is higher than that of traditional roof tiles. However, the long-term value cannot be ignored: the service life of JHL roof tiles are two to three times that of traditional roofing materials.

Although the initial installation of asphalt shingles is cheaper, its service life is only 12 to 20 years. In some harsh environments, the service life may be shorter. In the long run, metal roofing is more cost-effective. Even if the house is not used for living, but for investment, the JHL steel roof has other advantages.

  • House insurance discounts: Many states in the United States are eligible for insurance discounts for metal roofing. This means that insurance companies agree with steel roofs.
  • Recycling value: JHL metal shingles roofing can usually recover more than 95% of the part.
  • Energy saving: The stone coating on the surface of JHL metal shingle can play a very good thermal insulation effect.

4. Metal is the most energy efficient roofing material

JHL metal roof is known as one of the most energy-efficient roofing materials on the market because the stone coating reflects heat away. Moreover, the heat dissipation of metal is very good.

In the summer, the metal hood of the car. In a cool place, heat will spread quickly.

JHL once did an experiment to completely close or open the space between the JHL stone coated steel roofing and the cushion. In winter, the closed middle space stores part of the heat, which can continue to heat the room overnight. supply. And the temperature change is very obvious.

In summer, the completely open mid-level space emits heat, while the stone on the surface reflects excess ultraviolet light. Maintain a suitable indoor temperature.

5. The hail level of JHL steel roofing house is higher than that of ordinary metal roofing

When hail comes, the stone coating on the surface is hit first, then the resin glue, and finally the base steel plate. Under the effect of various buffers, JHL roof tiles have passed the highest level of testing.

6. JHL metal roof can withstand hurricanes

When there is a gap between the air pressure at the bottom and the top of the roof system, the test of the hurricane comes. The combined effect of pushing and pulling forces causes the roof material to separate from the roof terrace.

Traditional roofing materials have almost no wind resistance. For example, cracked clay bricks are easy to fall off.

Stone coated metal roofing

7. Fire rating of JHL roof tiles

In the face of any fire, the roof plays an important role. The wind blew the fire source onto the roofs of neighboring houses, and a larger fire started from this.

The JHL metal shingle avoids this. Because it is non-flammable, the stone coating on the surface can effectively insulate heat. Avoid anything ignited by high temperature. The bottom steel plate can effectively resist the falling of burning branches.

8. Metal is one of the lightest roofing materials

JHL stone-coated steel roofing tiles weigh only 0.64 to 0.72KG per square meter, while the weight of asphalt roof tiles is about ten times that.

  • Excellent strength-to-weight ratio, and shear strength are very important in hurricane and earthquake-prone areas.
  • Reduce the pressure of the roof on the house structure.

When choosing roofing materials, weight becomes an easily overlooked component. In the past, the heavier the roof, the safer. But not anymore.

9. Perfect JHL stone coated steel roof

As the industry standard-setter for stone-coated steel roofs in China, JHL reduces product costs through its own technological innovation. Let more architects and homeowners get the perfect use of stone-coated steel roofs at a more favorable price.

Our products have withstood the test of time and have protected housing institutions from hot regions to extremely cold regions. In addition to hail and fire, the JHL metal roof also has the following advantages:

  • Corrosion resistance: The coated galvanized steel sheet will not rust in humid and salty air.
  • Weather resistance: Harsh environment has very little effect on JHL roof tiles.

If you are looking for new roofing materials, JHL roofing will certainly not let you down.


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