JINHU Purpose


Turn to the direction of high technology and high added value, and enter a period of green, low-carbon, and high-quality development in all directions. As a new type of roofing material, stone-coated metal roofing has been widely popular in foreign construction fields as early as a few years ago. With the advancement of the concept of “green new type”, it has gradually entered the Chinese market in the past two years. The majority of domestic users have brought more choices of roofing construction materials.

Stone coated steel roofing tiles

Stone-coated metal roofing has become a popular roofing construction material due to its unique performance and advanced technology. It uses high-strength, corrosion-resistant aluminized zinc substrate as the core material, and the surface is attached with colored sand broken by natural rock particles. Compared with traditional roofing materials, the stone-coated metal roof has excellent performances of lightness, corrosion resistance, fire resistance, and resistance to fading. . In addition, because the core panel uses an aluminum-zinc-plated substrate, it perfectly solves the shortcomings of traditional roofing materials that are brittle and fragile. In the current domestic market, many companies have begun to focus on this industry, but because the entire industry is in its infancy, there are still very few domestic brands like JINHU that have in-depth deployment in this field many years ago.


JINHU has been deeply involved in the field of stone-coated metal roofing many years ago, and it is widely sold in various countries around the world. With the increasing domestic demand for new building materials and products, the main battlefield of the brand has gradually turned to the country. It is understood that after years of development, JINHU’s products are currently exported to more than 30 North America, Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, etc., and have achieved a high degree of regional coverage. Behind the strong market share, JINHU’s stone-coated metal roofing has been striving for excellence in all aspects. As a master of stone-coated metal roofing that has been in the market for many years, its quality naturally does not need to be said. All JINHU products adopt 360° comprehensive control over four major links: raw materials, production, testing, and technology. Only in terms of raw materials, there are more than 24 inspection standards. On this basis, the choice of materials is more refined. Taking colored sand, for example, JINHU chooses natural basalt crushed particles imported from France and only cooperates with top international raw material suppliers to ensure the product’s quality from the source. The quality is flawless.

Good quality alone is not enough to guarantee the longevity of the foundation. Therefore, in addition to strict product quality control, JINHU has always maintained the development concept of continuous innovation and technology. In the early days, it established the “JINHU Roofing Material Innovation R&D Laboratory” in conjunction with top international scientific research institutions and university research laboratories. Talents from various professions in the global roofing materials field continuously upgrade and iterate on the various process standards of the products. Relying on advanced equipment and a professional team, the laboratory has successfully developed a “JINHU stone coating metal roof”. The product integrates six characteristic systems such as anti-aging, anti-fading, anti-falling, anti-noise, anti-cracking, and fire prevention. All aspects of multi-layer metal roofing have been upgraded in a targeted manner, and the overall performance has increased by more than 30%. So far, the laboratory has continued to carry out innovative research and development on the structure, performance, and design of stone-coated metal roofs, and has obtained a number of national patents, and the design level is even more industry-leading.

Over the years, JINHU has been serving hundreds of millions of families around the world with strict and lean production concepts and high-quality colored stone roof tiles. The better development stage has won the favor of global users and is widely used in hundreds of millions of family residences. We believe that with the brand’s years of resource accumulation and persistence in the spirit of dialogue with users on quality, JINHU stone-coated metal roofing masters will surely lead the color stone roofing tile industry to a better development path and push the industry as a whole to a higher level. Dimension.