What you need to know about metal roof corrosion

Metal roof systems have become the most popular choice for homeowners on the market. Homeowners or real estate businessmen prefer its longevity and durability. However, the metal roof will rust! This needs to arouse the focus of the homeowner’s attention.

Will the metal roof rust?

The answer depends on your choice, some metal roofs rely on a certain degree of rust to create beauty. In addition, you should choose a metal roof that can resist rust for decades.

With the advent and advancement of paint and other coatings, metal roofs rarely rust during their life cycle. However, some factors can affect whether your roof is rusty. Uncoated bare steel or improperly cut edges can cause rust.

How to prevent rust?

During the remanufacturing process of some metal roofing panels, advanced coatings (paints or finishes) are applied, and after decades of use by homeowners, the following most popular types of steel have been obtained:

1. Galvalume steel: Galvalume is a coating made of aluminum, zinc, silicon, and resin. It is used on top of steel. It has a good anti-corrosion and anti-rust effect. If you live in a high temperature and humid environment (high precipitation or seaside), it can protect your roof very well.

2. Galvanized steel: alloy steel with the aluminum element added on the basis of galvanized steel. A zinc-aluminum coating can better protect the panel and keep it intact for decades. Then the surface of the steel is treated with a resin coating. Once worn, the surface will ionize to form an aluminum oxide film, effectively preventing rust.

Use paint coating

Most metal roofs will be protected with paint. The most common types are PVDF and SMP coating systems. They can withstand harsh environments.

  • PVDF paint: Polyvinylidene glycol (PVDF) is a commercial coating system that provides excellent protection. It can easily deal with bad weather and prevent metal rust.
  • SMP coating: This is the most common and widely used coating on the market. Strong hardness effectively prevents the appearance of wear and scratches. This is the most economical option.

Correct installation

It is very useful to prevent the cut surface from being exposed to the air and to use a patching agent in time. Rust is often in these places that are not taken seriously, and every detail should be considered when installing.

Metal roofing
Metal roofing

JINHU Stone Coated Steel Roof System

JINHU roof tiles are made of aluminum-zinc steel as the base material, and the surface resin glue is combined with natural colored sand to effectively prevent rust problems. When the homeowner installs it by himself, it can also effectively avoid the appearance of rust.

  • 1. JINHU metal roof has many types, which perfectly replicate the appearance of other roof tiles.
  • 2. JINHU metal roof has a variety of colors, natural colored sand and sand with different effects.
  • 3. JINHU metal roof has an interlocking structure, which can effectively resist the invasion of any unfavorable factors.
  • 4. JINHU metal roof is reinforced with nails, and the patching agent can protect the nails and make up for the overall aesthetics.

In short, we assure you that if you use JINHU stone-coated steel roof tiles, there is no need to worry about rust. Buying the primary colors that make up the JINHU panel will help prevent rust. Jinhu metal roof is durable and has a service life of 50. It is the best choice for finding low-maintenance and long-lasting roof solutions. If you are ready to use metal roofing, please contact us, we are a production factory with the best price.

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