How to choose the right metal roof panel?

There are too many metal roof panel profiles to choose from. To know which one is most suitable for the roof of your house or building, you need to conduct a lot of comparison and research. From corrugated metal to standing seam metal, roof systems have too many options.

Metal roofing
Metal roofing

Things to note

Environment and climate

One of the important factors to consider when choosing a metal roof is the environment and climate of the area. Although metal is an extremely strong and durable material, the specific environment is not suitable for all metals. Frequent high-speed winds hail with extremely destructive power. The JINHU stone-coated steel roof has undergone wind test and hail resistance test.
The amount of precipitation, snowfall, or the difference in temperature between day and night is also a huge influence. JINHU roof panels benefit from the stone coating on the surface and are excellent in various simulation experiments.

Roof slope

Roof slope refers to the angle formed by the roof and the ground. Some metal roof panels are not necessarily suitable for sloped roofs. The JINHU metal panel adopts a unique lock function, if the homeowner wishes, it can be used instead of the wall.

Desired appearance

When choosing the right metal panel, the simple but important thing is the roof style you want. There are two main types of metal roof systems: hidden fasteners and leaky fasteners. Hidden and firmware tend to have a more modern appearance, and the surface feels neat and tidy, and the aesthetics will not be damaged by any screws or hardware. Because they are hidden under the panel.

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