Which metal roofing sheet is best?

Metal roofs began to become the primary choice of homeowners. In the beginning, they were only used in farm buildings, such as warehouses. Metal roofs have been continuously improved, and until recent years, the residential roof market has begun to recognize their advantages.

The continuous progress of metal roofing has resulted in the following several most popular types of metal roofing.

Standing seam metal roof tile

It is composed of vertically upward panels with an interlocking seam system. The service life is up to 50 years. The surface has a paint coating, which can well withstand the erosion of the external environment.

The disadvantage is that the initial cost is relatively high, it is a heavy roof, which causes a burden on the structure of the house, but it also means that it is very strong.

Corrugated metal roof

Corrugated metal is the most popular metal roof in farm buildings. Because its price is relatively favorable, the cost is similar to that of asphalt shingles, but its service life is much better than that of asphalt shingles.

The disadvantage is that it fails to overcome the noise. Especially on rainy days or hail, its noise makes the owner feel that the whole house is like a drum.

Stone coated steel roofing

Its initial cost has become a reason for many homeowners to reject it. But since China started to produce stone coated steel roof tiles, its price has dropped a lot.

It has an excellent service life, durability, and return on investment. It perfectly replicates the appearance of other tile types, such as wood, stone, Roman, Spain, and Milano.

As the standard drafter of China’s stone coated roof tile manufacturing industry, JINHU continues to improve and innovate. Now there are 12 tile types and 16 basic colors. On this basis, you can arbitrarily match the effect that the customer wants.

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