The roofs of coastal houses

The roofs of coastal houses
The roofs of coastal houses

Owning a mobile coastal house is a wonderful thing. Coastal life brings many benefits, but it also brings a test to the roof. Nature bestows beauty and destruction, especially at the seaside. Hail, wind and rain, and salty air can all cause damage to coastal houses, but it is not stated that roofing materials can withstand harsh environments more effectively than other materials.

For example, JINHU stone-coated steel roofing combines durability and aesthetics. So, you can not affect the strength or the beauty of the beach.

When you are researching the most flexible roofing material on the market, be sure to consider using JINHU metal roofing.

First of all, what is a stone-coated metal roof?

Just like its name-it is made of galvanized steel as the base material, and the surface is covered with a coating of colored stone grains. It first appeared during World War II to prevent it from being discovered by enemy aircraft, but after the war, roofers discovered that coating has many advantages. Even after many years of use, the coating remains firmly on the roof.

The goal of stone coated steel roofing is to provide a more durable and reliable roofing system while retaining the aesthetics of traditional roofing materials. Therefore, JINHU stone-coated roof can achieve the appearance of asphalt, Roman, and shingle without sacrificing durability. Steel is one of the best materials for making various roof tiles, especially the more perfect aluminum-zinc-plated steel. The stone coating can provide a variety of colors, textures, and shapes to meet the requirements of any homeowner.

How JINHU roofing protects your home

Add extra strength to your roof through steel and strong stone coating. This is very important for coastal houses with large weather fluctuations.

The effect of wind on the roof

Coastal areas have frequent winds, which can cause great damage to the roof structure. High-frequency jitter will cause loose connections. This will cause rainwater to infiltrate more easily, causing rot inside the roof.

JINHU uses a unique interlocking structure, which is fixed with corrosion-resistant stainless steel screws.

The impact of hail on the roof

Durability is an important reason for the roof to prevent hail. Ordinary clay tiles are very fragile, and normal walking will cause them to shatter. You can imagine the destructive power of hail.

Wooden shingles may be better, but the speed of aging is a serious disadvantage. It becomes more brittle and cracks, making the roof more susceptible to hail damage. Asphalt shingles can hail well in the area at first, but as time goes by, shingles become more and more easily damaged.

JINHU stone-coated roof tiles are made of aluminized zinc steel as the base material, which is not afraid of the impact of hail. The most important thing is that we are studying a new technology to utilize the space between the JINHU roof tile and the cushion and control the ventilation speed to alleviate the impact of temperature differences.

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