How metal roofs withstand bad weather

The roof is the house’s first line of defense against natural disasters because most natural disasters come from high altitudes. Light rain or snow may be nothing to worry about, but sometimes nature will send something more powerful. When your house is facing inclement weather, you want to ensure that your family and belongings are protected. Metal roof is the best roof to do this because it provides more reliable protection than other roofing materials.


The weather environment that has tested the roof the most times is the storm. When it is greater than or heavy snow, it is often accompanied by strong winds. When strong winds come, roofs with asphalt or shingles often lose part of their tiles. However, JINHU stone-coated metal roofing will never. This is because it has a unique interlocking structure, which effectively prevents the tiles from being blown up. Compared with asphalt roof tiles, water will flow down faster from JINHU metal roofing panels. This reduces the possibility of water accumulation after the storm and reduces the risk of roof leaks or prolonged soaking.


A strong wind will cause trouble to ordinary roofs, and roof tiles will fly out at any time. Even if the asphalt shingle is nailed to the roof, it is likely to break under the force of the strong wind. The metal roofing tile does not.

Drastic temperature changes

Extreme weather does not occur frequently. However, drastic temperature changes have become somewhat frequent in recent years. Compared with other roofing materials that absorb a lot of heat and cannot quickly dissipate heat, metal has excellent heat dissipation. The stone coating on the surface of the JINHU stone coated steel roofing absorbs heat slowly, and the steel at the bottom allows the heat to be released quickly. This allows it to rebound heat during the day and slowly release the stored heat at night in areas with large temperature differences between day and night, minimizing the impact of the temperature difference between day and night.

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