Tips for choosing the color of metal roofing

When you plan to buy a metal roof, color is an influencing factor that needs to be carefully considered. The choice of colors is endless. To help you, JINHU has sorted out the tips for choosing the color of metal roofs.

Use or not

Different colors have different sensitivity to the sun, which is very important. It is very important to choose a color that can absorb or reflect ultraviolet light. The white metal roof can reflect ultraviolet light well and keep it cool. The black metal roof can absorb ultraviolet rays and can maintain the indoor temperature in a small amount. Choosing the right color will not only keep your roof in a good appearance throughout its life cycle but also avoid spending more time and money to repair the fading problem in the future.

Determine the effect you want

JINHU metal roof is not just a single color. If you want to have a patterned roof or a metal roof with the appearance of other roof tiles, you can completely consider using JINHU stone-coated steel roofing. Consider whether your roof matches the appearance of the rest of the house and whether it matches the color of your exterior walls and windows. Or you want a completely different color to add freshness to life.

Choose durable colors

Choose a high-quality roof to ensure that you do not need to repair or replace it in a short period of time. Choose a color that you will not get bored with in the next ten years. You may prefer bright and attractive colors, which are more attractive to passersby.

If you love the color of other roofs, not the metallic luster of metal roofs. Don’t worry, JINHU metal roof tiles can perfectly imitate the appearance of other roof tiles, such as asphalt shingles, clay tiles, and shingles.

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