JINHU metal roofing contractor

Are you looking for ways to make your roof business unique? Demand is growing rapidly, and metal is the second most popular roofing material among homeowners on the market today.

In many areas, the demand of homeowners exceeds the supply of qualified JINHU metal roof installers. By adding JINHU to your service offerings, you will enter this fast-growing homeowner market and position your business as an installer of quality products. The best part? Getting started is simple and free.

The first step is to join the JINHU contractor network and directory. What are those you ask? Read on for answers to frequently asked questions.

What is JINHU’s contractor network

The first question we got from the homeowner was “Can you recommend any local contractor in my area to install JINHU?”

The purpose of our contractor network is to connect qualified potential homeowners with professional roofing contractors. Other benefits of joining the network include:

Exclusive contractor rebate program.

Specific updates and special offers.

How do I join JINHU’s contractor network?

Joining is easy and free. Qualified contractors who install or wish to install JINHU metal roofs are eligible to join.

To join, just click this link. From there, you will receive an email with instructions on how to request a free listing in the JINHU Contractor Directory on RooferAdvice.

What is JINHU’s contractor list?

 JINHU’s contractor catalog is a quick and easy way for contractors to conduct roofing business in front of homeowners. By declaring or requesting a list in the catalog, contractors can:

  • List the address, business hours, and phone number.
  • Share customer reviews.
  • Special offers and promotions.
  • Photos before and after posting the project.
  • Encourage customers to comment.

JINHU metal roofing contractor
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