Fish Scale stone coated metal roof tile

Fish Scale metal roof shingle

Fish Scale roof shingle manufacturers are market-oriented, combined with the existing production process, research, and innovation of stone coating steel roofing, now very owners and factories are considering the use of it. The appearance of JHL metal roof tile, enhance the roof structure disaster resistance ability and durability, and making its structure type has been a great development.

Fish scale stone coated metal roof tile

Fish Scale roof tile

  • Tile Size: 210mm*215mm
  • Tiles Per Sqm: 12Sheets
  • Installed Weight: 0.5-0.7kg/sheet
  • Minimum order quantity: 500Sheets

Fish Scale Tiles

The roofing tiles are based on aluminum-coated zinc steel, which is stronger and can be put on fire for a long time without a problem. The aluminized zinc steel plate is composed of three kinds of elements, and the surface can form an oxidation protective film. Stronger protection of steel surface, more corrosion resistance.

Installation method The whole roof is a metal roof system, the screws above are lapped, and the roof tiles are installed. The whole roof is made of screws and the metal system of the whole house. Even if a flame spreads to your roof, it is not combustible.

Fish Scale metal roof shingles are becoming more popular. And color metal roof tile has gradually become the benchmark tile products, in many buildings at home and abroad have been widely used, highly favored. So why are stone-coated metal roof tiles so popular with ancient architecture and designers? Colored stone tile has a lot of shapes. Its appearance is very beautiful, for the user has a high appreciation value.

Why is the stone coated metal roof more and more popular

This special stone-coated metal tile is made of aluminized zinc steel as a base material and is also a very strong structure. There is no need to worry about any quality issues in the process of use and minimal maintenance is required. It will not cause any pollution to the ecological environment.

With the increase of social demand, the price rise is also an inevitable trend. So investment in a stone metal roof is a good choice.

Metal roof tiles are maintenance-free and do not require a regular spray of fireproof paint and insect repellent as with traditional antiquated roofs; Antique metal tile is both environmental protection and peace of mind; Different coating colors mimic natural colors. It can also satisfy people’s yearning for and pursuit of nature, bringing people peace, simplicity, nature, and tranquility.

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