The glitter and rain of the metal roof

As a manufacturer of stone coated steel roofing in China, we have received many customers’ questions about Coslight Metal Roofing. This article answers questions about glare and rain on metal roofs.

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Is there glare on the JHL metal roof?

Some metal roofing dealers often ask about glare. In particular, homeowners often say that the reflection of metal roofs affects passers-by and neighbors, and they often get complaints.

The surface of an ordinary metal roof is smooth, and the correct sun angle will reflect sunlight to other locations, and glare will appear. Although roofs of other materials (rubbers) can also have this problem, the smooth finish of ordinary metal roofs is more obvious. The problem of glare has nothing to do with the color of the metal roof. A white metal roof or black metal roof will reflect light at a specific angle. The surface of an ordinary metal roof is coated with paint, and the glare problem is unavoidable. The brightness of the glare can only be reduced by using a low-gloss finish.

The JHL stone-coated steel roof does not have this problem. Its finish is coated with natural colored stone sand, which is not an ordinary smooth surface. They can effectively scatter sunlight from more angles instead of focusing on the same angle.

Rainwater harvesting from metal roof

The client asked whether rainwater would damage the finish of the metal roof and whether rainwater flowing from the roof would cause damage to the lawn.

Regarding whether rainwater will cause damage to metal finishes, the answer is yes, but the destructive power of rainwater is very small and can almost be ignored. As long as it is not soaked for a long time, the metal roof will not be damaged by rain.

The water drained from the roof gutter can be used in the garden. JHL stone-coated steel roof will not pollute the water source. The surface is colored sand and the steel base layer at the bottom is insoluble in water.

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