Color Stone-coated Steel Roof Tiles

What is the color stone coated steel roof tile?

Colored stone coated steel roofing (metal colored stone tile) is a new type of roofing tile, the base of aluminum zinc steel plate, the surface of natural stone. Ideal roof tiles for conservationists. The advantages of durability mean that you can save a lot of replacement costs. The protection of nature is also very good.

Rich color does not fade, beautiful shape, the three-dimensional sense is strong. After paving can make the building roof has the smooth curve feeling, the level feeling of concave and convex order, and the thick feeling of stone. Enhance the roof decoration effect, realize the harmony and unity of roof and wall, building and environment. 16 colors are available to choose from, which can fully realize the harmony and unity between the roof and the wall, the building, and the environment.

Compared with the traditional roof tile, the color stone steel tile shape is varied, the color is rich, but also has the advantages of lightweight, durable, has become the most popular roof decoration products.

Milano stone coated metal roof tile
Milano stone coated metal roof tile

Why should choose the color stone-coated steel roof tile?

Color stone-coated metal roof tile is suitable for all kinds of structures buildings, including wood, steel, or concrete building. It can also be used for the redecoration of conventional buildings. A home or neighborhood with a long history is easy to find. The time-honored residence has a meaning that is different from other buildings. Anyone who has owned a building with a long history knows that the upkeep of a house is a major responsibility and project. Roof maintenance is long and expensive. Protect your home and maintain it well. When your family comes home from work, they don’t want to see some run-down house. You don’t want to trouble your kids at work or your neighbors with damage to your home.

How much is the service life of colored stone steel tile?

Color stone metal tile is very strong and durable, the service life is at least 50 years. The steel shingles of many houses have been there for two generations. We are often asked if we can use metal roofs on houses that are old or have already used concrete or wooden houses. The answer is yes, in fact, steel roofs were invented during World War II, and time has seen it. Even if your house doesn’t have a metal roof initially, it can be added.

Color stone steel tile price is how much?

Compared with the traditional clay tile, asphalt tile, color stone steel tile price is relatively expensive. But according to the maintenance cost and service life to calculate, the use of color stone metal tile is the most cost-effective. Homes are occupied for long periods and metal roofs give your property the best protection from inclement weather.

metal colored stone tile
JINHU metal colored stone tile